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Who can get Garena Free Fire V-Badge in 2022?


Feb 2, 2022

 Who can get Garena Free Fire V-Badge in 2022?

Who can get Garena Free Fire V-Badge in 2022?

In recent times, the V-badge in Garena Garena Free Frey has become a source of interest for new and seasoned players. When users view a version of the first view of YoutEuber, they will usually find this badge on their profile, which is also displayed before their name.

Although users generally have the idea that this badge is not provided to everyone, the first thing that comes to mind is how they can become eligible for the V-badge.

Requirements and Steps to Get V-Badge in Garena Free Fire (2022)

Players who have played in the game for a few years know that the badge is issued to the Free Free Garena partners, distinguishing them from the rest of the users. This clearly illustrates its meaning and scarcity associated with it.

As a result, the only way for users to get the V-Badge is becoming members of the Garena Free Fire Partner program. So the question that arises is what the eligibility requirements are that users must meet to obtain rewards.

Garena has set up a website for the partner program, which describes all the prerequisites and benefits of becoming a partner. They are:

At least 1 The subscriber of LAKH has 80% videos of 80% related to Garena Free Fire and 3 views of LAKH over the last 30 days controversial and quality of clean capacity quality in the activity and the content of social media

It should be noted that these are only basic criteria and that they do not guarantee their selection in the program. All applications are examined on several parameters and only the best content creators will receive partner status.

In addition to the V-badge, users will also receive several other rewards, including diamonds, articles in play, goods and more.

Here are the steps to ask the partner program:

Step 1: After landing on the partner program website, players must press the Apply Now button to open a Google form.

Step 2: Then players must fulfill all the required details, including their channel name, content type, address and more.

Step 3: Finally, users must press Submit to send their application.


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