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Jan 26, 2022

 Free Fire Fed Wheels: Demiladi Bundles That Remove Unwanted and DeMille Thompson Now Recipes

The new Feed Wheel just comes on fire, bringing players more cool items. At the Fed Fire Fire Wheel, Royal has special lucky rounds, which often last for a short time but are a guaranteed opportunity to receive small gifts and a collection of key prizes.

The latest Fed wheels include the Demolition Bundles that didn’t benefit and Damilard Thompson’s improved skin as the main prize. Let’s take a look at the new free fed wheel in this article.

When you enter Fed Wheel for the first time, you will be able to remove 2 prizes from the prize collection (except the big prize) to increase your chances of getting the prize you want. Here is the list:

Total Items:-

  1. Untamed Demilady bundle
  2. Fierce Demilord Thompson skin
  3. Sky Parachute skin
  4. White Shirt
  5. Weapon Royale Voucher
  6. Burning Flap Skyboard
  7. Cube Fragment
  8. Black Short
  9. Box of Balance
  10. Artificial Intelligent Loot Crate

You can play companion wheels using diamonds. Spinning costs start at 9 and increase after each round. Round cost is 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, 499.

1 Spin =💎 9 diamonds

2 Spin =💎 19 diamonds

3 Spin =💎 39 diamonds

4 Spin =💎 69 diamonds

5 Spin =💎 99 diamonds

6 Spin =💎 149 diamonds

7 Spin =💎 199 diamonds

8 Spin =💎 499 diamonds

The prize you receive will be removed from the pool, so you are guaranteed to get all the goodies on the Fed Wheel after 8 rounds.

Here are the details about Dimilord Thompson’s skin that’s fierce:

  • Damage +
  • Magazine –
  • Accuracy ++

Overall, the skin count is nothing special, with just a little damage and precision. However, this skin is a great design with some killing extra special effects.

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