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Top 6 Long Range Gun Free Fire


Jan 30, 2022

 Hello, friends welcome to the pirates game youtube channel today in this crowd going top six long range of weapons without skin. Yes, without the same gun skin, which type of top-six weapons with a long-range, press absolutely by overpower. Watch the video till R&D. In the video, you will get to learn a lot and at the end of the video, I will give you some such tips centric, if you follow these tips and tricks, you will become the king of long-range, then definitely watch the video till the end and click here I made this list of Top Six Weapons, I made my own opinion as well as an accordion of the guns which players used to use in tournaments or color matches or those guns which they preferred to use, then please you Comment your opinion below and tell which gun should have been placed at number one or which gun do you use or which gun do you prefer to use, the first of the two mixes provided range game YouTube channel started the video If you do, then many numbers are six, so I have done the upper age.

 6. AK and M14

AK and M14

 Forty-Seven and M One Four Y are very dangerous guns, this damage is also very good and the rates are newer but Shailendra little bit, and dragon shots also very easily you can kill with these guns, and also body shots are also good. So in 5 6 or 7 8 shows, you can eliminate the NAV very easily and give a disadvantage that you need four grips inside it. Yes, if you do not apply off four grips from a photo taken, then it will recall more. You must come to control this. Even if you can control it without four grips, you will still be able to drive very well. In this next video, the topic is how to control recall. Yes, if you want a video on this topic, please tell by commenting below that UMPP recalls a lot while recalling FB photos, a photo session also recalls a lot, then it is going to be a very useful video, please comment and tell that you need the next Whether the window is needed on this topic or not. I have kept Ban and M one Porwal from a photo, why have I kept M one Purvai on number six, Bigg Boss at number six. Its damage is very good but it is not that good at rates and without skin, its rate would be even less if you have double rate it is neither gas will run much better and butt if it’s not there it is gone. If you want to purchase the skin of any gun in the Free Fire Center, then what will you need for this. Diamond and if you want diamond inside the family, but don’t do anything, in the description you were given the link of window wrap, you would have to come quickly and download it at that time such that you will get to see a lot of free games. You can earn a lot of money here for free games and also poor you can play tournaments of your free park. You can earn money by playing free wire tournaments as well as I can earn even more money by referring my friends. There are so many ways to earn money and you can also transfer all the money you win here directly to your Paytm or bank account. Every day there is a gang of 10 DJs, just what you have to do to participate in DJ folk songs. You have to play three games, you play three games, you will participate in DJ Alok’s life and if you are lucky then you can win UP DJ people as well as you can also buy free park diamonds inside this application That too in less money, you can do so many things in one application center, brother hurries up, you will get the link in the description. Download more and more games from you and earn money

 5. M294 and M60

M294 and M60

 Number Five Pramendra’s M Two Four Nine and M Sixteen Baba Panchkula’s every time two gadgets bai two two gaz nahi do gay similar means the same or works the same. From both the gates, including Matt Damon, I took many of those guns with me, taking MT four nine I’m sixteen brothers, platform seven with a lot of OP, the magazine inside both was very OP and a very good thing going. You do not need to put any attachment or equipment inside it, so that this gun becomes even more batter, meaning the gun was found and started killing your fellow. You neither forget nor need anything from this tok. At the same time, just put it on one and go out to kill the brothers, then this body should grow and these two songs also give you a lot of fun in drag shoot, it is very cool even in mid-range or dragon shot in long-range very easily. you can kill Both the guns are now growing with too many batteries.

 4. AUG

 From number four pe to number four, I kept nu Ji gun ko nu Ji hoolie very cool songs. That’s why I got to see you a huge advantage that who will get the inbuilt tool inside it, meaning inside you will get to see the two access scopes. No scope is needed, you got a gun, you mean there is a two-x scope inside, with their toto a scope, you can kill the nav very easily, you know how many rolls this scope would have within the long-range if you have it I will be able to give a little more damage to pack and wear. Disco and summer inside the long-range as well as its damage which is also very good and drag head looks very easy from chhot bhai Little and Taro looks very much Delhi

 3. VSS-X

 The number three that we placed the gun on was also very dangerous, tormented the dense VSSN, tormented the literary and stars, tormented the NAV so much that Martin’s anime even if it went undercover, continued to damage the NAV. I give a little damage to nav after that brother nav will end automatic damage 15 anime even if he goes in cover we run away whatever happens bye. Keep on giving damage to 8 and 7 this gun even more easily to the anime limit this summer’s main bhagya hostage is over, then gas means too much my favorite song Very nice song if you get beer from then don’t leave bye Brother, you will get inbuilt forex scope inside it and one more good thing to have fun with. Means you got a gun, you mean forex, who should talk about the rest inside the face, even the drag head of dragon fruit, share a lot more fun than this. That is, seeing this body shot means that it gives more damage, then the headphones do not increase, the drag is very good with the woodpecker, the dangerous petrol has to be charged for a liter.

 2. SKS And SVD

 We put you on number two, SVD and SKS guns, both guns are very dangerous. Due to their damage, this gun becomes very cool. This means if the damage of a good man to a good man, then he will be shocked. Brother, what is happening with me directly, half the health has been reduced, the damage of the fellow has gone a lot. Also, inside it you will get to see the inbuilt four-axis, which means that the fork scope is already inside it, it remains the same, it stays inside, what should I do, if I am desperate, then both the guns, the same damage, remains very much of the quail SKS. The accuracy is not that good, but the dragon got upset. What would the dragon do now? What does a little mean, he gets lost in the way Butter SKS doesn’t wander a little bit better than that. What do you have to do inside it? If you use this four grip, then it will be very cool, the gun will be very cool, this verse is also needed in it that if you have put this center fork on it of sub-level three, after that this gun will become king at all. A head inside long-range kills the Tisca Enemy completely, so this gun should be very popular even for one of two factors. One to two-piece trade hundreds very easily within mid-range and also give more damage to stay inside long range and kill you very easily in two to three body shots another same to same like these That gun named Sugarcane Wood Baker also sat down at all. Meaning you guys can say that songs like these, younger brother can speak big advantage, which one of these three you please comment and tell today brother, fill the comment box, meaning you should be seen above use. I don’t see any use. Fill the comment box below by commenting 40 50 thousand brothers, write a letter to the comment box and tell me what you want to say. now it’s turn

 1. M82B

 Number one, number one, we have placed here Damoh is the legend re weapon, ml to b, too many deadly jewels and too much brother means the game is like this, then see the guy in front, behind the global and in the back of the global. Raha Bhai aar global kar paar toh ye gun Ji Hoga hai global kar aar paar Karte hain and two bullets together is enough to destroy the NAV. Understanding Greece means giving damage to one to three guns s coffee is more dangerous and is best. One thing I think that kills across the globe means that if someone kills us across the globe, then someone enjoys it and if someone kills us based on goodwill, brother secretary Tara would feel bad from the heart if someone global KR Parmar If you go, till the time you get the gas, use the gun to the fullest. One more thing, if you want to run this gun very fast, that means hit again, hit again, hit again, and burn it at the speed of an mp3 forty, then you will get the link of this video description in which I have centric to play double story Have given. Watch that video of Jha and say become a king, if you go to the gas, you can see that crowd in the description, you will find the article Gun is very dangerous, inside it you do not need any attachment. Four gray or so a sniper gun inside it you just got a silencer or muffler till some bottom and let out the gas and kill the gun brother no means killed across the global. This is why some of our today’s top six long-range weapons, now why didn’t you guys take this car AW all these guns list ready. Everyone had their own opinion, some like AW, some like this car. Let me tell you one thing about this car. It is absolutely dangerous with this skin, without skin gives very little damage 6 7 10 damages love in such small damage you understand at least you have to shoot 20 bullets to finish a fellow till then that guy gives you Two shoots will leave. That’s why this car was not taken in the list, it is one thing that if you could drive well, then only you would be able to drive trees with great pleasure. If you can’t play well, then until you go over the anime with it, the anime should end you financially or step by step with any gun. If no one gets spoiled inside the family, all the guns have their special features like VSS central that they keep on giving damage to the fellow. These specialties of MTV are very good except the dragon of a gun hitting across the globe, the damage burden of a gun is great love, all the guns sitting inside the family should just know how to run it. If you drive with BSA, then it will go, Ye Negi, you have seen the video and I have put MI to Big on number one, then you will also drive to B, it is not such a thing. The gun that you could make good use of if someone is increasing that poor gas, top centric of some of our long-range or the first tips gas is doing this to you here that when you hit the pan across the globe with Mi TV, you will get opportunities. You have to use it so that you will know that Ann. On which side of the global mi is it, if you know the exact shoot location of the anime, then you can kill Ammi with Amy TB across the Easily Goodwill. For this, you must make use of the opportunity. Ok now moving on to tip number two and so our tip number two is to use a gun with Elvis high damage inside a solo match so that what will happen is that inside a solo match you get more than one guy from the front then you can watch the anime if If you give one hundred cuts in one go, the anime will be completely stunned and it will not get time to go into cover but on the other hand, if you give 7 8 damages from this car, then what will happen you will keep giving damage to him. That guy will either go global or he will go inside the cover but right here. If you kill two shorts of MTV, the guy will be over and he will not even get a chance to go into the cover, then this is some long-range top centric and many other tips and tricks, then I will keep giving on the upcoming videos dude subscribe the channel quickly. brother. You will continue to see similar tips, tricks, or gameplay videos on this channel. If you liked the video by subscribing 4 then quickly give the build alike. Follow me on Instagram too and got 2 million here on Instagram. 30 40 thousand on Instagram and 20 thousand Pat’s elder brother quickly follow on Instagram, share the video as much as possible so that your friends can also take some knowledge after watching this video. Can learn something from the video, only this window is available till now with any new topic in any other video till then bye friend.


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