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Top 5 sks gun skin in free fire | sks gun best skin in free fire


Jan 26, 2022

 Hello friends, today in this video I am going to show you five Ten SKS Gun Us, although there are many SKS Gun Skins in Phere, but which one is the most powerful gun among them all. If you are an old player then you will know that there is either less or less gun skin or something else available in the store and nothing else.

Free Fire is a battle royale game that lets players choose from a variety of weapons. Players can choose from various sniper, SMG, assault rifles, and others. One of these weapons is the SKS. The SKS is a semi automatic rifle that penetrates armor well. There are different types of skins that improve gun performance, we will look at top 5 best SKS skins in Free Fire.

 5. hysteria sks

  • Damage ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Magazine –
hysteria sks

The Hysteria SKS is the best legendary skin for this gun – it is both the most powerful and the most beautiful. The pattern decorated on the gun looks super cool, with a clown’s face painted on the body and various colorful details all over.

With double bonuses on Damage and Accuracy, the SKS Hysteria would be much more effective to score headshots.

 The hysteria might be the best version of the SKS gun. The skin is wild and colourful. It has graffiti-like artwork in different colors around the gun. The weapon also has a bright purple aura, making it look great. The Hysteria skin deals heavy damage to the weapon and also increases accuracy. Although these features come at the expense of magazine size, which isn’t so bad.

 4. SKS Phantom Assassin

  • Accuracy ++
  • Magazine –
Phantom Assassin

The SKS Phantom Assassin is just a little bit better than the Swallowtail – the SKS need that reload speed much more than magazine size. Appearance-wise, while it doesn’t look as good as the Swallowtail, the pattern on the gun is pretty creative and suitable to go with quite a few sets.

 The Phantom Assassin SKS is a good looking weapon. It is a metallic green color with black and white accents. The gun also has a hexagonal pattern. This skin greatly improves accuracy at the expense of magazine size.

 3. SKS Duchess Swallowtail

  • Accuracy ++
  • Reload Speed –
SKS Duchess Swallowtail

 Duchess Swallowtail is a butterfly themed skin for SKS. It’s a beautiful mix of blue and purple and gives a massive boost of accuracy. However it comes at the cost of reload speed, which isn’t too bad.

 The “Blue Butterfly” Duchess Swallowtail is a pretty beautiful weapon – it is decorated with blue butterfly wings, which fit pretty well with the Swallowtail set. The gun has decent bonuses on Accuracy with only a minor deduction in reload speed – you would be able to hit your targets much easier using this skin.

2. Urban Rager SKS

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Magazine –
Urban Ragger SKS

The Urban Rager looks a little bit better than the Cheetah – it actually has multiple colors instead of just one now. The bonus this gun provides is much better – it has a ++ in Fire Rate. This is perfect for this gun, as the biggest weakness of the SKS and all semi-auto sniper rifles is their firing speed.

 The Urban Ragger skin for the SKS is a mix of orange and yellow. It has great looking pattern and the colors go well. This skin gives the weapon a huge boost in rate of fire at the expense of magazine size. This boost is very helpful as it is a semi automatic rifle.

1. Cheetah Claw SKS

  • Damage ++
  • Magazine –
Cheetah Claw SKS

The SKS Cheetah Claw looks pretty meh – the whole thing is yellow with some black dots here and there… It is a perfect budget skin, however, with the double bonuses in damage. The SKS already has high effective damage due to its Armor penetration ability… and with the Cheetah Claw skin, it would get even stronger.

 The Cheetah Paw SKS is a yellow colored weapon with some white accents. The gun does a lot of damage boost, making the gun more powerful than ever. However you lose some magazine capacity which isn’t too bad.


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