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Grenea Free Far Top Most Real Diamond Royale about which you didn’t know about this article so bye very useful video they don’t skip from anywhere without wasting time let’s start today’s amazing window.

  5. VIGILANTE Bundle


 The number five was number five, its name was VIGILANTE Bundle, whose goal is bandit bundle, so it means diamond trail centrality long ago, Dumtal Mehta and that time I had left one voucher one 2 vouchers there you can see Spain. I had spin two vouchers. Had taken the first second one, two guys, I was very happy and I didn’t mean you can give a diamond roll at a time when people were afraid to spin with a diamond and at that time this bundle was with me. Now you guys do it, then include it even at number five, why it means a magic replacement, so if you tell you one special thing, then it is a very rare bundle. If their active magic cube replacement did not come, then in today’s time you see all the samples made in the game, those who have it, understand that they do not have it, it would have been only with those who had already removed. Hardly the official look that you have gone is also with this bundle, you also know that the best players of Free Fire are many sold creators or you use all those bundles like Youtuber. Man, this is the best bundle ever. It’s just that once given in magical replays, it is available to everyone. For this reason, it was done at 5. This bundle would have been our number one Sukka, so reversed ward



 The bungalow we had at number four is called TECHNOHEART Bundle Techno. How did I have my two bundles, one girl’s one boy’s NDA bundle was not given in replacement, because of this, you will get to see very few bundles in today’s time or you may not get to see everything because a lot Fewer people had locked it because the female also used to get out of it. Somebody’s mail, the bundle was sung here, after applying so many diamonds, I got it that tells me, but fine leg piece, I have got the bundle matching it because I wanted the mail. Let me tell you the special thing about the bundle of mail. Before this, if you have not liked this article yet, then like the article. And the techno hunt ones here who didn’t come bundled with me, the most important thing about it is its goggles and its goggles are very dangerous. Apart from this, that part of it, which you find it very dangerous to bathe with the blue light on top of his jacket, jacket, bowling shirt, jacket, jacket. You must also tell by commenting whether you have this bundle or not, you may not have it, it meant very costly. When it came Apart from this, if we talk about its goggles, then these are the goggles which I use a lot of time with my main bundle, then I would ask you that this blue color which means so dangerous serial, where is the power of the goggle, which bundle then? That same bundle means so many comments long ago that you mean what I use to have these goggles with these bundles, so where did I get this goggle, which means that looks so realistic, then they would have bundled this bundle that you too Would have liked this bundle, India was at number 4 and now let’s talk

 3. Lee The Dragon Bundle

Lee The Dragon Bundle

 At number 3, the bundle that we have got at number 3, brother, this is one of the rarest incredible ball sector diamond rolls ever made, so here we have a lesser diamond royal named Lee The Dragon. It is a little forward or backward, which is the brother of Diamond Royal, it is very OP Diamond Royal, it has come a long time ago, I also got this diamond trail out of it, don’t think that it came out early to see the diamond behind then you will understand a lot And after Diamond, the prisoner Diamond Rose comes out. I was a lot, now there is also a very special thing about this Diamond Trail, about which you do not know, first let me tell you that this bundle does not mean that this bundle has come a long time ago, nor that the bundle of women is also very much but it is with me. So it is not a special thing to introduce butt mail, it is a matching dress, its goggles are very OP, apart from the goggles, if we talk about it, it is not a legal dragon, it means its name is a leather dragon, which is the backside. There was a dragon there. You see How are you a dragon, let me tell you what is the most important thing here, then get the paint made of it and wear it with the usual tattoo bundle. The bundle can wear with snap chat like dad can see so bye I prefer to wear it with this body. This is one of the best and worst avoidances of dieting ever. That’s why it was number three on our list. android boats now we’re gonna talk about your

 2. Hell Fire Bundle

Hell Fire Bundle

 Regarding the number two diamond roll, now it is the turn of the number two key butt. Before this, if you have not followed many steps, then do it, man, if you miss it so high, then follow it immediately. Description You will get the first look, follow my Instagram character, and go shirtless and ad. Now the number two of the person we are talking to is the number two pay diamond roll that has come to us, its name is hello sapphire hello hi diamond real Bhai ye wala diamond Crayola means that from litra li inn when he brought this diamond so that I can see then to me This is also. If you talk about it, then you have invested more female money than I got. I thought of removing the female. After that, when I had a lot of female mail or even diamonds, I thought I would get the mail, then I spent double triple time. What a pin many times. It has increased, if you are given a female lead female to the mail, then the matter should be distributed to me three times more than the female-male and then I thought what to do if I am not getting it. If you cannot remove the mail, then take this Shandong from this male-female. AD may be Gulshan box came ad is yet to come who will be licensed notice and finally guide i god ware item. Means you got only female butt no problem to me brother female one is also very hot because today what hedon promises is very dangerous then you must comment and tell if you have this one diamond. Hello Fire I will not think will not happen but will not be with me but how late are you with this one-dimensional, I have also bye to Andy. I got myself an alcoholic or thrice by going to your mistletoe section long ago because of that. I had opened it by mistake twice and once again I will save my thoughts and show that people have me, then it is number two in our list.

 1. ARCTIC BLUE Bundle


 Talking about number one, we have come at number one, blue ahead, everyone knows that arctic blue will never be the best diamond trial, nor will there ever be terror, it will mean in the future but I think the best diamond royal ever Arctic Blue. That’s why tick blue came to number one for us, so all the fans of the arctic, comment on that hashtag arctic lake in quick seconds, and man, here arctic loo is number one in the divisional list, if you liked it Has given eggs the number one grand prize of our list, whose sector has not come in the replacement of magic once, so this wood is now better than Andy, number one tree, many such people who have not yet subscribed to the channel, then Subscribe man, I lose such windows for you. Ad Many people are copying videos like us, so nothing can be done to such chicks. Yes, leave their comments, if you liked the article, then like the article, if you have not done it yet, please subscribe to the garden to caress you all by graying the button and post it here so that you can get the notification. Whenever I upload any such news. Apart from this, I follow anyone, at the rate every Chaudhary is official, you all have followed. Do it quickly on Insta, my friend, I am with you till then bye guide Lavi and. consumer.


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