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Jan 9, 2022

Well, in our free fire, big fights have taken place between YouTubers, but do you know that the biggest fight took place between which YouTuber and what was that fight. These short top 5 biggest fights in free for history means in today’s article you will get to see the whole free fire and five biggest fights in history, maybe I will also explain why it happened. There were some fights that happened between Keane and Keane, which happened in such an Indian Servier. There are some facts that went to the international level, yes guys, listen to such big fights that went to the international level, they are not able to understand.

5. Gyan Gaming and Total Gaming


 The top five number in the list is Free Fire’s biggest fight amongst YouTubers. This happened between guys Gyan Gaming and Total Gaming. Let me tell you that one of the biggest fights of free fire to date is this fight between Gyan Bhai and Aujy Bhai, let me explain to you a little why and how this controversy started. Between these two it was almost a year ago when this Gyan Bhai was doing live. Many other audiences were commenting on my channel that ‘Ajuba Hai’ that this is ajju terra baap hai, so it was starting to become very spammy on Gyan Bhai’s channel. In this, the missing knowledge brother got angry and took revenge. But to those audiences who were spamming the Guys. Perhaps by slowly making us change, this is what turned into a controversy. Well, then there was a controversy about this in the middle of your knowledge brother or Pe wonder. I remember this not only on Gyan Bhai’s channel. What it meant today, this twist of Tera Baap Son, on many Odian means, on many live steamers’ live spam in their live streams, so this was the reason why this was the biggest controversy. Between Gyan Gaming and Ajju Bhai

 4. Ruok Ff Hacker


 Top 4 number Biggest fighting free fire History Maybe this fight is right up to our international label but how were this controversy till international level and I am talking about ruok ff a controversy happened because this ruok ff is called fellow hacker ok If so, here you will find this a very famous big Youtuber LETDA HYPER who claims to be ruok ff. Then the one who uses this hack uses AM Bot or uses script such that it was claimed by LETDA HYPER, and about this, it means LETDA HYPER had made a particular video. On top of this, perhaps this controversy was created over the RUOK FF of billions, to prove this to the fans of the duo, love letter guys. This matter increased to such an extent that this controversy reached the international level. and very big creator universe came at that time to deal with what vice this controversy means and in this last, it is revealed that what they say RUOK FF means ANY THARD PARTY OR THIS OR CAT ANYONE Told but do not use AM BOT or its programs. They will do fair play R&D. When this was proved, then this controversy ended and it was gone. Many of you will remember about it. goes back


 Top 3 Number Biggest Controversy In Free For History Guys Rister is a hacker Till date, most of the people engaged in this controversy, brother, I know that the party which lasted for two to three months means more than three months. It was out of control because it lasted so long, didn’t I tell myself in letrirea why this controversy actually happened n. How did it happen that Fight Magazine was on one side and the rister was all alone? and Surf Guyn Gaming was with them, perhaps no one was standing with them because perhaps this issue had become very controversial. And 90% of the audience of free fire gave one and the person audience creator called them hacker while Chile was because the gas writer’s gameplay was so hard at that time. Find the next location that sees you share and so on. Did this nationalism kill you two years ago today? Was there no one in our Indian server for such a thing as ristar’s and this is how much speed it used to come in such headquarters among on belief sword and there was such a leap in the middle of it that the inspector in the road tree pe Something like this was meant to be a tai to the goons of Rane. What was in it, it is probably felt on the head of this tree. Although there is some bleach going on in this painting, the meaning of the clip had become so viral that perhaps these percent of the fellow Indian servers had declared them hackers. How can this happen on a good tree? The gas applied on the saw gate, then later when it came to know that such a clause keeps happening in Specter, then it is a different matter that this controversy has been added but let me tell you that many such suspected gameplay writers have gone viral first. Were. Due to this, the hacker Pallavi Ayesha was declared APA. Indian server has completely gone. Now the time has come which I was going to tell you the challenge. Now you guys are going to tell in this. If you want to see it carefully, then the picture which you are able to see is seen carefully, that means Ravish picture God has gone for a couple of minutes and guide, now I am going to ask one thing from you people or my house. After seeing this picture you will tell me which issue NML is hidden from you in this picture. It has been said. There is an animal hidden in this picture, but you have to tell that animal to the people, it is okay, then which cow is the anemia that is hidden in this picture, if you people come to tell me, how will you tell me on insta. You have to tell people on Instagram what you have to tell people on Instagram by doing Manson. If you go to this story patty, then you will find the link of Instagram in the description below. So first of all, I have to follow your logo on Instagram that as you click on the link you will reach my page on Instagram page. After that, you have been following the people for days after that will you guys have to mention this story. While taking me, mention that all you put on your story on the story will come to know of me. First of all, any fellow cow will tell me which animal is hidden behind it. After mentioning an interview, I will message him and ask for his UID. After that I will top up the cow’s UID, so don’t forget it’s okay, I am telling you people who will get it first.


 Among these is the top immortal business fight in free for history which happened in the middle of Guy GSK n Gyan Gaming. Although today there has been a lot of controversy in the midst of GSK can rhetoric but was it the biggest controversy, did anyone think that you had started such a controversy at one time, which GSK brothers were saying that Joe is free for me. Entry interviews will arise that should be removed. In this, a lot of audiences were speaking or speaking and the controversy about it happened that many of the examples were with the one-way GSK of the two-sided valley. On the other hand, the knowledge was with the brother, the other was with the Jain camp. N Jagdish was a YouTuber on the side of Gyan Gaming. He would have said that if the material of this song is removed, then those who put money in maths, but I will be wasting their refusal like this, the DJ had such a controversy. Well, then there was a big controversy in the matter, even GM Remo sir was called, there was also the brother of Pay the matter on the dress code. Gyan was also their brother. And there were many other YouTube aesthetics and there was a huge controversy. Chalo koi na sang finally ours today

 1. White 444

 Top Number Biggest Fighting Free For History N Yeh Guide has happened twice. See, I am talking about fare pe white triple four where point triple power was also spoken about this. N Yeh Gaikwad Triple Four means there was a controversy twice. Once, the person who left the comment on Saturday was cut, then after six months when a lot of audiences were calling when called, then Yeh Banda Aaya Hai, after that again another controversy happened. Calling Triple Four a hacker because one of their gas bulbs had failed last time. It is said that for that, I should do some help for my unwanted things, etc., which is more comprehensive or if it was known from behind it. Well, the cow could not prove what was there in a letter, because the gas considered it very big for one watt triple four, it had also become a controversy till the international level. I don’t know how many times the lights were celebrated, but how many videos have been made by You To Balls, this controversy was about their gameplay because the way they play there will hardly be any other person in the whole free far world who is like this. He must have played that his game was played. Meaning no man can compete. If any guy says that because he plays with him to a different level, then how did you like HUDA, then comment below and announce on Instagram, mention the environment, then only you guys will go to fiber daemon Ji block NRIs absolutely free from my side. I will never take out his Kalina Blocks, the logo will be found in the discus below because neither I have inserted a new recent blog from this blog but can see a lot of fun. Will, he also get to see it in the discussion below, then I will get your feedback from you and bye Eklavya.


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