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Jan 29, 2022

 Hello, eyes how you all are welcome to Jonty Gaming 2 The video of the investigation is going to be very special because in today’s video I am going to tell you. Guide about 5 close-range guns that you can use inside the tournament and whether you have to use that gun inside the tournament or not, I told in this video why you have to use that gun. I have also given the region and in the middle, I will also tell you that you


 5. UMP

 I will tell you the reason for the number 5 song that u mp3 you have to use UMPP cum. The recall of many young MP guns is very high, if you have fired at an anime, then you will have very few bullets that the anime will hit. That’s why cow youth use MP the least. With this gun, you must either track the cow, then only something will happen or you must be very fast. If you have shot, then you have to apply glue at the same time so that even if your gun recoils, then it is not able to damage you, then if you have to run UMP, you have to be fast, keeping in mind two things. Second, you should be able to shoot drag well, then only you will be able to wield the UMP gun. But if you ever get a UMP gun from Nagaland like mine, don’t pick up a UMP gun. If the servant joins in starting then you can pick up the maiden gun but if you want me to play the whole match with the mp gun then you will have a lot of problems. So now let’s talk about our shop and gun.



 We kept THOMPSON on the rooftop, here if we talk about the THOMPSON gun, then the range of the Thomson gun is very good, due to which you can hit every shot very easily. With Thomson gun, if I talk about the rate of fire of this gun, then the rate of fire of this gun is very good and the cow which is in its tab is a little less but with the rates of fire its timing becomes very good and you are there You can shoot a dragon shot with this gun, but you have to keep a little distance, only then the dragon shot is fired from this gun. If you get too close, your ATM will be locked and the drag won’t be good enough to hit your hand shot. There is only one reason to keep it on the top floor that this gun is rarely available inside the tournament and if this gun starts coming inside the vending machine, then from there you can take this gun from the token itself, but there would be a lot of guns. But we do not take this gun so much even if we have a double-barrel propeller, because of which I have kept this gun in the top four. If you do tell me in the comment section, which gun you use the most within close range and which of these is your favorite gun. Watch the video till the end, now I am going to tell you that you

 3. MP40

 The biggest reason why it is placed in the top three is its skin. This gun works very well with skin, if its damage is also very good, its rate of fire is also very good. If you have MP40 skin and if it has rates of fire then your gun becomes good. Hitting a drag shot with this gun is very easy with the rate of fire, your mace too. How much of my MP40 is dragged to the dog, or is it just because of the skin, because here I have put on skin with damage plus the double rate of fire, due to which I can shoot track shots comfortably but keep it in the top three This is the region of Gaya. If you play a tournament without skin, this gun will not give any damage to it, begged without skin this gun is very useless. Let me tell you first if you play a tournament without skin and use MP40 there, then you will say that Johnty by damage does not come. With MP Photo because if the West of Level Four has come to the fore, it also comes to Level Three, then its collapse does not go above 10 11 12 and if your NAV is in a little far range then your damage will not come at all. Yes, you can hit the rod, but your damage will not come at all and it will come very little and if he has a good gun then he will kill you very easily. That’s why we have placed this gun in the top three. Now let’s talk about our

 2. MP5

 About Top to One, which is MP5, now you all will say why MP5 is kept above. First of all, you can see its range in its range even in long-range. Here is giving a demo of 13 14 15 second thing the drag shot of this gun is just like an mp3 photo or even better and can speak Nikon. There is a booster inside it, due to which your rating fire of the gun increases a lot, even if you use this gun without skin, then it also runs very best. Like skin guide, if you play tournament then once you pick up MP5 and see booster you will enjoy it a lot. You will say that the damaged ball wants more, you look here now I do not have skin, so if I kill a man without a cane and look at the range, you are giving damage to the photo even in such a range because here which is my gun My retrofire has been very good due to the booster installed inside, due to which I can hit the collapsed shot and also can give such good damage at long range. So if you use MP5, then you will get a lot of benefits inside the tournament. Now let’s talk about us


 About Top One, you can see Top One Way. Which gun is its name DOUBLE VECTOR is useless at this time. No one came up with a better gun than this. Many players inside close range say that brother removes the DOUBLE VECTOR, his damage burden is high but has it become a part of the game I don’t think this gun is going to go fast and if you notice in the tournament If you do, then every squad must have this gun. If someone is also playing a solo tournament, then that guy also keeps this gun because he knows that if this gun is in hand then you can kill any player very easily. Inside the close range, because the rate of fire of this gun is very good, its damage is equally good due to which all the players pick up this gun and inside the tournament every team has this gun, so I will give you I would recommend only one thing that whenever you get double batter then always you have to raise double batter, Vikas. If you have a double-decker, you can hit them very easily if you are taking a polo and taking two in front or 4 taking three. Video of a shopkeeper with this gun doing these steps. Then you must like the video if you liked today’s video. Below he put a supply button of red color, press it, whoever didn’t like this notification bell, go fast first and set the pay, we will meet again in the next video till then bye bye taken love all yours Take care


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