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TOP 10 BEST GOLD CHARACTER IN FREE FIRE | Best Gold character ability test | Best character in FF !


Jan 16, 2022


दोस्तों, आजकल ग्रेना फ्री है, क्या हम लोगों पर बहुत मेहरबान  है क्योंकि सोने के अक्षरों की संख्या जानते हुए भी, वर्तमान समय में 32 आप देख सकते हैं कि सोने के कई अक्षर हैंलेकिन ये सभी सोने के पात्र अच्छे नहीं हैं, इसलिए आज के लेख में मैं आपको बताऊंगा कि मैं शीर्ष दस सर्वश्रेष्ठ सोने के पात्रों की क्षमता को बताने जा रहा हूं, वह भी उलटी गिनती के रूप में। यानि कि दसवें नंबर पर सबसे अच्छा अच्छा चरित्र कौन सा है, जो नंबर 9 पर है और नंबर एक पर सबसे अच्छा अच्छा चरित्र कौन है, इस तरह से आपको एक उलटी गिनती के रूप में बताऊं और मैं आपको दस वर्णों की क्षमता बताऊंगा, वह भी व्यावहारिक रूप से पूर्ण रूप से पूर्ण। खेल में जाकर प्रैक्टिकल करके दिखाऊंगा कि आपमें इस किरदार की क्षमता है, यही इस किरदार की क्षमता है। यह कर सकता है और मैं आपको बताऊंगा कि इससे क्या फायदा है और अगर कोई मेरा है, तो मैं वह भी बताने जा रहा हूं, तो चलिए जल्द से जल्द लेख शुरू करते हैं और शीर्ष दस सर्वश्रेष्ठ सोने के पात्रों के बारे में जानते हैं।


 The best gold character and free fire at number ten are that of NOTORA character two, why am I saying NOTORA is the best gold character, so let us see the practical ability of NOTORA character, the article that is going on in this screen, I am NOTORA character and my hp’s new sales too now as I sit in the car my hp is increasing with 95 again 100 i.e. 5-5 hp and this hp which button does not increase 5 hp in two seconds at character max level  This is the ability that will give 5 HP in 2 seconds, but the HP will give it for unlimited time.  You can see here that I also shot the article and yes I am driving.  Now my hp is increasing 90 hp means my hp will be full if I am sitting in the car with neither garbage, which means can give unlimited hp nor garbage.  That’s why I’m speaking.  His character is the best character, what is the use of what you can do with it.  Now drive the car into a swarm that will damage you.  Akula will heal the corrector means you can do camping or survive not littering but it is one disease is that you can use neutral character only in cool me present game nor can you do it in class call  Neither can in Lone Wolf Prank game because if there is no vehicle there then the motor character becomes useless  At number 10, we go ahead and know


 Which is the best gold character at number 9 and the best gold character at number ninth is that KAPLLA character means multiple abilities and two-three abilities, so let us know all the abilities of Kapila character practically, then you also see on the screen  Alok is the character in the last, Kapil’s character in the right is now 100 HP of both of them, let’s see how much HP medical gives, this Kapila character’s first ability in one ticket gave more HP to Alok and 75 to Kapila and not to Kapila.  Sold too.  This means that the first NDTV now has an HP in both of the second HP, enabling the ability of both the lights.  See, it depends a lot on you here, in the letter, someone is 45 HP, and on the right sees Kapila was given 60 HP.  Now read the 15 HP, these are the two abilities of Kapila character.  After that look at the last and third ability that you will see your character capacity like my front will be stained this ability will start glowing means ability will be on, if I tell you, what is this ability, every member of Nagpur Holy Squad will be attacked by staff.  His blood loss will reduce the duty percentage, that is, the one who dies after being down will take 30 percent more time to kill the Enemy Bee Friend.  For this reason, in the big tournament that happens, if we use the yellow character of a guy in this cord, then it is not only because of all these abilities that Jai’s yellow character can make it to number nine in the list of best bold character, then we will go ahead.  grow up and know that


 Who is the best gold character at number eight, DASHA character is the best bold character, who is at number eight in the race, why because in that too there are four or four abilities in the multiple ability test, so let’s see the ten characters now lets you guys on this screen  See the character sunken in the rocket in Etah on the left, both of you jumped together, the person jumped first in Utah.  Look, Adam landed a little early, but the one who did the recovery, stood up to 10 characters, Adam could not stand up yet.  Reduces address recovery time by 80 percent by 10 characters.  This is the first ability of 10 actors, let us know the second ability of Das’s character.  See both, the person next to the insurance power landed on the chimney and both jumped.  Meaning Adam Collector is in the right a little bit in the lap and sees the condition of both.  Adam Corrector’s Health.  Then the address and the health of the Dausa collector is 105, which means that the damage is less, if you fall from somewhere, then jumping from somewhere will mean half the damage that should be caused.  This is Dausa collector’s second tale from the collector’s third and fourth ability, I first see the third ability, which Rico is injured, the building keeps on increasing, the chairperson declares it, after that the maximum record which would have been ten percent.  This happens because this reduces the total shot recoil.  Data collector what is the benefit of this now, then you will be able to understand that if you feel more headshot on this screen, then you will be welcome closer to Dausa collector.  If we heat the room, then the chances of getting a headshot will increase and we can kill whoever you can see here, so yes I did a quota kill that too in head short.  Means Dausa Collector Janak is absolutely OP for ten Agarkars, for this reason, Janak is the 8th number gold collector and who


 Number seven is a gold character.  The best gold collector is Loki’s character, we know the ability of Loki’s character, so you guys look at this screen, I am playing a game, but I came to see that I downed it.  Now see here how much is looted collector catch pe 200 by 200 i.e. 200 HP.  Now you see how I will kiss this prize, see how our HP becomes 225 from 25 HP and I fill it to 225 HP by hitting me.  Till now I max hp 225 hundred or more.  Here I turned the economy down.  In this game, I will not show the full game of myself, nor did I kill the position, but then increased by 25 HP.  Meaning the budget maximum HP of two kg will be 250, its price.  I can play the whole game with 250 HP, so you can understand how many ops the ability of the locator character, all of them have 200 HP and I have 250 kg gourd connection gives a lot of benefits but cool.  In my game, it is not that much benefit in the mass class squad so you guys are also in cool now game while using this looks take character because Lungi’s character sits best goal character referee then we move forward best bold character count  in the race


 The character that is at number six is ​​Kelly Kelly, if we tell you that we increase the speed of this printing, that means if you can run faster instead of using Kelly character, then you guys see on this screen, here is the Adam character race in front and  The Kelly character is running from behind.  Now watch Kelly speedrunning, see the proof of this here but comfortably Adam is going after the corrector.  You see how turned back Kelly, how fast the character runs for her husband, do it right after Adam.  Now we know the second ability of the callee, here is the database of AW321.  But if the callee character runs for 4 seconds after that the fire button will be golden, the uncut damage also increases.  But now in half of 340 hours, it is giving the first bullet to him and 3rd to kiss, which means if ANimi is killed after running 4 seconds, then she will give 6% more time till this teaser ticket is cut.  90 to 95 and the first bullet will give more seats, understand more Kelly’s character is a tablet, the main lead of Kelly character uses all revenge, because of this printing speed, Kelly has a very good bold character, let us go ahead.  Best Bold Character in Free Fire


 The best bold character at number 5 is the ability of Maxim, we all know this, but if you see this, it takes 4 seconds for the atom character to be seen on the screen, while the Maxim character is only and only.  Two-point at second bat kick starts, you will be able to see that if you guys kill Matt by using maxim character, then a mat kick saves one to two seconds. You can also see here on the screen that both Adam and Maxim are one of Matt.  I will start hitting.  Now see how quickly Maxim ground Matt’s mother, then you can see on the screen.  Meaning the Maxim character could very fast Matt’s mother.  Its benefit is a lot in the game.  Due to this special ability, the user has been able to make it to the fifth position in the maximum bold character countdown and further in the best bold character countdown.


 4. JOTA

 The character at number four is Chhota character Jhota gives 40 to 50 HP on knocking down character Jimmy and Jhota also gives H in two ways.  Let me explain and show you then the first way Jaan will get a bullet, you will get an HP, you see here my 100 forty-two 143 sets even if I show the film again let’s show my HP is 142 I shoot myself 143 HP is done Bulb shoot one  Pay some hp if you kill with a shotgun will give 3 hp also see from death it has become 75 hp give that if you kill this w any time will give 10 hp from 150 of the campaign.  Like you made 160 hp lol and let me tell you you can increase hp by hitting 9 km from 110 to 120 h lol.  This mistake went the first way of the corrector and the second method means that he should understand 40 hp till 9 9.  Here one.  If you shoot and knock, then forty means to shoot, now forty means 41 hp gave a total of 42 hP Vaidya Look again but will return big plus 40 hp while shooting one bullet and shooting a big second.  Means again gave Jhota character 42 HP this is the ability of Jhota character means HP will keep watching you can easily kill Scott of Kotra which is Rota character is a very good gold character by using tech character.  For this reason, who made a place in the Don-based gold character at number four and next in the beast gold character countdown.


 If he ate the character at number three, then he is the OP character who also has two abilities, so let us show you both the character abilities, then before knowing the ability of the character, know one thing.  As the health of the character decreases as it comes, its ability is increasing, let’s see, if you hit the first punch, then give the middle demo, but as the damage of the punching punch is decreasing, then it comes on the character, then the character’s first ability  If the average score is hit, then its plot will decrease, then it will take less to read.  If it kills then what is the first ability and then the second ability but normally in MT7 cut, the west was above the per level west and in three and a half hours it was above the west, and after that what the result was only 30 demo only gives  Is.  If cricket comes above three-level west, then the collector’s health is confiscated, ie 108 HP Maternity cut chemistry went to the number of points repeatedly above the level west and this 67 of SS SKS will say that the last 38 seconds have been cut but be capable.  The article means the damage has increased a lot.  Can see here too, when there was even less noise, then the damage increased even more that Hayat then starts creating panic in the reporter waste, which means that with the decrease in health, the more waste it generates, the more damage it will generate.  If someone fights, then someone will kill him less and if more character kill someone, then he will suffer more damage, so now I understand how much OP character did not bathe due to such special ability, then the character could make the place at number three, who was the best bold character  put forward


 The best gold character on number two is that Fone to four characters and ability of two to four character is absolutely OP and it is an active skill smart character and you see here on this screen you will know that this one-two character’s son Amit’s four  Has 5 HP.  from Ajay I started converting ep to hp by its ability and kea abke and two four characters what to do in one-second pandora converts mp to 15 hp i.e gives 15 hp in one second and takes total 60 hp one  How much of this charging part in the bar is charged in just 10 seconds and it can be used again and again in just 10 seconds.  For the same reason and two core correctors, the copy corrector one gets charged in 10 seconds after that it gives 15 HP per second and gives 60 HP in one go which means so fast HP does not give any character.  You can give as many fast and two core characters for free but you should also have it beforehand, so you came to know that this one to core character is absolutely copied gold character, so we go ahead and know that we are the best gold character in free far.  Of

 1. CLU

 Which is the number one gold character in my countdown is the best gold character of general valuable pre-fair i.e. the best character to get from the keyboard.  This is an active its smart character and lose character so much op for a very classy sport and very good for prank game.  Meaning that you could find out the whole useful character from it.  Here I have captured the clue character ability like me and got to know the location of them in the mini map, which location we came to know, along with my friend also came to know that means now all the friends have come to know where is hidden, understand the meaning in Hindi  How much is Kolu OP, after that its cool down time is only 60 seconds, it gets charged very quickly, after that, it will detect the enemy from the radio, if it is of max level then it remains 80 meters in the next update some will increase and  You can use the on clue character for 7 seconds at a time, meaning the clue character is the OP character, for this reason there is absolutely one number in my bold character countdown, so in the end you got to know which free full top ten best bold  If you have a character, then you play with these 10 bold characters and label them up to the max label, then you will know how much OP these 10 bold characters and if you match their labels, then it means you are going to get a lot of benefits in the future.  If you liked this article, then do like the article and give a hundred percent to the channel.  Because this kind of knowledge keeps on getting to see double articles on this channel, then please suspend.



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