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The Secrets of Dumbledore watch online | Secrets of Dumbledore in hindi filmyzilla


Apr 8, 2022


The Secrets of Dumbledore watch online

Fantastic Beast The Secret Of Double Door has become such a big-name movie. release. Which of the Harry Potter film franchise had eight movie roles ready. The third part of his prequel is that look at the prequel series he has taken out to carry forward the legacy of the Harry Potter film. Now after watching its third part, I feel like this.

 Personally whether it is needed Amen. Is it really necessary that just to make a film, that’s why you are making and in this film, that is, the secret sir Dumbledore. Which big secret did sir tell you? Look it is not that the film is bad, the film is good, the visuals are wonderful.

  Climax is good. The Creatures shown in this story cannot speak Creatures. The Fantastic Beast is just amazing and it’s nostalgia reminiscent of Harry Potter. Music. When it plays in the background, it becomes like an attachment. with that movie. But it also breaks quickly. When all the new characters appear with new story.

 Now look, the story is of Dumbledore’s past, in which some of his secrets have been told, but they are not so special that a whole film should be made on it. If he had shown his past in any one film even for 15 minutes, it would have worked. Now that this film is associated with the Harry Potter franchise, now it is believed that people will compare it. Toby Varys and Honest This film or all three parts of Fantastic Beast cannot be compared in any way with Harry Potter fans.

 The level of his storytelling was different. We understood his characters. We understood the origin of his characters. Where and why does the story of Bunty Yehaan begin and the characters who are coming new, why and from where are they coming. It becomes a bit difficult to understand him. The story of this film begins at the end of the previous and now Dumbledore knows that this Google Ward wants to eliminate the Mongols in the world of magic and for that he will have to become the leader of the wizards world. That’s why elections etc. have also been shown in it.

 Now whether he won the election or whether he will be successful in his cause, you can watch the film. The movie is almost two and a half hours long and if you catch some 800 intervals before the start of the movie, then you will have to stay in the theater for three and a half hours and I am counting this time because the movie is a bit slow. First half and second half too. I felt that instead of focusing on the story of Dumbledore, this story was connecting different stories with Dumbledore, which may be necessary for the film ahead and also for developing new characters but the story goes ahead. The development of the character slows down a bit while growing.

 But if there was anything good in it, it was him. Its visuals and that of Jacob Kvass emanated from his naivete. The comedy will surely make you laugh and in another scene where he is dancing with Newt Commander crabs, that scene was good as it will bring a smile to your face. Didn’t have a little believe level but these Harry Potter guys can make you believe anything. But one thing I notice that this scene which you are seeing in the trailer is a mirror shot which you will see upside down in the movie which means it will be seen straight. There are many shots in this film in which two characters are only talking to each other.

  The action and magic is a bit less and it can be said that you can watch this movie with your whole family as there is no such scene in it. Not even single kiss is just one thing. Here to Dumbledore and Grindr War in this movie. Neither is this a secret nor will I tell you if it becomes a spoiler, then go. If you do not have any other work or you are a strong fan of the Harry Potter movie, then you can easily watch this movie.

 But if you are someone who hasn’t seen the parts before and is going to watch this movie directly, then wait. The fuse will blow. Watch your first two films and then watch this one. Maybe I will understand something again. This movie gets two very five stars. In the next video.


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