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Mar 15, 2022
the kashmir files watch online

 Two words are necessary in the dictionary of anyone’s life, the first is freedom, the second is home, but think how the life of those people must have been cut off for whom both of them do not mean anything, even hearing these two words is hell in law.  Is worse than.

 Why are you shocked at freedom and what is wrong in the house.  So friend, like us and you, everyone is not lucky himself.  Not everyone’s life is white.  Someone’s life is also red like blood.

The Kashmir Files real story? 

 The Kashmir Films Banna is also a matter of great guys in Bollywood.  And those who want to see this movie have known history.  Public needs 9 masala reality, but this film can give only truth that too bitter Bali

 The story is of Krishna, who is full of modern ideas studying in a hi-fi college, who has a lot of interest in politics.  One of the reasons for their love of politics is that they were born on the soil of Kashmir.  Where the child hears gunshots before learning ABCD.

What is Kashmir files based on ? 

 There is also a Guru Mata of Krishna in the college, according to whom there is a lot of atrocities in Kashmir.  And it is happening even today and either or else considers Kashmir printed on the map of India to be false.  According to them this is a compulsion, their only slogan is #Freekashmir

Are Kashmir files accurate? 

 After many years, Krishna Bhaiya comes to the soil of Kashmir to find out the truth of this thing, where a new word is heard in his ears.  Who are Kashmiri Pandits, how do Kashmiri Pandits look like, this is what you are thinking, there are some black, some red shadows in the answer, what to see on the other side of the border, all these are tormented by their loved ones.

Who is Krishna Pandit Kashmir? 

 Now there is neither any friend nor any neighbor, yet they have maintained many broken relationships.  But according to Guru Mata, Kashmiri Pandits are big-toothed demons who have made innocent poor real Kashmiris live.  Then the innocent got a little angry and fought to take revenge on the Kashmiri Pandit.  A little poor innocent.

 Now will poor Krishna find the suggestion of this riddle or will he himself get trapped in the pandit’s first and will die as a dumb deaf fool like me.  You find out the answer to this by going to the theatre.

Who killed Kashmiri Pandits? 

 I will not waste time at all, let’s come straight to the point, what is there in this film that you will not be able to stop yourself from booking tickets.  The answer is facts, no drama, no masala only facts such facts which you have not seen in front of your eyes.

 This movie is made in such a way that it looks real to you, it looks absolutely natural.  After watching this movie, you will feel that you are standing on the ground for the whole 3 hours.

Who killed Girija tick? 

 For example, suppose 3 hours of CCTV footage is playing, not a movie.  Now this thing is not hidden from anyone, there is no story in this film, only the truth has been shown.  Therefore, in every single scene, you will feel the emotional scene for many years.

 Fear, Anger, Revenge Helpless and Most Wanted Feeling to Help People Some regret of not being able to change anything or about the movie will drive you out of the theater only then you will know.

Has Kashmir filed is released? 

 All the characters, whether positive or negative, have to be praised, who have made this movie, all the characters have been shown with full hard work and detail.

 You will be forced to hate the negative character completely, even if it comes in front of you, then you will start hating it, who exactly has brought the reality on the screen.

Where is Kashmir files, releasing? 

 The biggest thing is that the film’s lead character, Krishna is presenting me and you, how easy it is to fool us out loud, believing this lie to be true and fooling others with lies, your senses will fly away.

What is the controversy about Kashmir files ? 

 Real photo of Kashmir has been shown in front of you without any filter, this month you will be scared from inside, you will be shaken completely, it takes courage just to show the buried reality in front of crores on the big screen.

What happened to the Kashmiri Pandits ?

 My salute to Vivek Agnihotri who has shown this film on the big screen.


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