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Squad Beatz Top-Up Event ||


Feb 9, 2022

 Squad Beatz Top-Up Event || 

Squad Beatz Top-Up Event || ,Squad Beatz Top-Up Event || ,

Friends, like every time in the top-up event, this time also an event has come in our free fire called Squad Beatz in which we get to see the skin of the Legendary Emot Wall and the Loot Box

 In this event, some ability has also been added to the screen of the bike, in this event, many rare things can be seen.

Squad Beatz Top -Up: 

Start  Date and End Dates

Start Date:- 9 Feb 2022

End Date:- 14 Feb 2022

Squad Beatz Top-Up Event || ,Squad Beatz Top-Up Event || ,

Squad Beatz Top-Up Prize || 

1. Loot Box

2. Oh No Emot

Price – Diamond

1. Loot Box – 100 Diamond 💎

2. Oh No- 500 Diamond 💎

Squad Beatz Top-Up Event ||

You can top up the same as the number of diamonds displayed in front of it to get your chosen prize. After pressing the top-up button, you must choose the number of diamonds and make payments.

Keep in mind that this reward will be available for free on a diamond top-up, but you have to spend real money to buy diamonds. List of diamond levels given below:

100 Diamonds: Rs 80

310 Diamonds: Rs 250

520 Diamonds: Rs 400

1,060 Diamonds: Rs 800

2,180 Diamond: RS 1,600

5,600 Diamonds: Rs 4,000

After buying a diamond, you will see the claim button next to the prize on the top-up event page. You can collect gifts by pressing this button.

The new top up event has been aired in the game during the Garena Fire Fire Beatz theme. It starts today, February 9 and will last until February 14. Here you will get free gifts to buy diamonds, including Burnt BBQ Emotes and Brassy AudioBomb LOOT BOX. Diamond numbers and prize details are mentioned below:


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