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Squad Beatz Top-Up Event


Feb 3, 2022


Squad Beatz Top-Up Event

Friends, like every time in the top-up event, this time also an event has come in our free fire called Squad Beatz in which we get to see the skin of the Legendary Gloo Wall and the skin of the bike.

 In this event, some ability has also been added to the screen of the bike, in this event, many rare things can be seen.


Squad Beatz Top -Up: Start  Date and End Dates

Start Date:- 3 Feb 2022

End Date:- 8 Feb 2022

Squad Beatz Top-Up Prize

1. Motor Bike – Purple Rev

2. Gloo Wall – Aurora Core 

Price – Diamond

1. Motor Bike – 100 Diamond 💎

2. Gloo Wall – 300 Diamond 💎

Motor Bike – Purple Rev Ability

Damage +

Durability +

Handing –

Squad Beatz Top-Up Event


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