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Radhe Shyam Movie REVIEW ! Is Radhe Shyam hit or flop?


Mar 16, 2022
Radhe Shyam Movie REVIEW

 Like naming a song Baby Doll doesn’t make a heroine of gold.  In the same way, having a budget of 500 crores, not every love story can become titanic.  You must have understood the sensible gesture, there is no need of medicine for those who are ignorant, this review of mine is enough Radhe Shyam, you are the most awaited, which the public was thinking, it will take Indian cinema at par with Hollywood.


 In fact, the tire got punctured even before the car could start.  The whole air has gone out, and the story of my Hollywood dream is also of Vikramaditya, who is famous in the whole world by the name of Einstein of fifth.  Expelled from the country because, Sir, I had shaken everyone by conducting an emergency test, just because he met abroad, madam with inspiration.

Is Radhe Shyam hit or flop?

 He is a doctor and his hobby is to recharge the low battery of people’s life.  Actually, hidden inside the lover, astrology has read the hand of old Prerna Madam, inside which is hidden something that even The Great Vikramaditya he cannot change.

 Now there are two paths, silently accept the fate and give love to Tata bye bye or else don’t read the fate only with your hands, fight even with God to change it, what will your hero choose, which path will he choose.  You will have to find out the answer yourself, two hands directly come to the point of issue, should watch the film or wait for it to appear on the TV screen at home.

Is Radhe a Shyam action movie?

 If you say OTT option, the fans of Prabhas will not be happy at all to hear but the answer is no at all.  There is nothing special in them, only the names are big and philosophy is small.  To say that the theme of Radhe Shyam is love, but you will not find the chemistry of both the actor’s natural in a scene.

 Only acting is going on and it will be understood clearly.  Secondly, there is no such thing as a clear promise that you will get to see a tremendous combo of science and romance in them.  Only by speaking you are told that how great Vikramaditya is, how much special power he has.

  But how and why and what happens by using this power, all those details are absolutely missing.  Slowly that too disappeared.  His biggest weakness is its straightforward, simple story.  Boy meets girl, both fell in love.

What is the story of Radhe Shyam?

  Fate was not acceptable, so he fought with him.  Lo joe the movie is over.  Apart from this, there is no twist, there is suspense.  Prabhas’s acting is good enough to justify such a big budget, the guy has tried his best, yes it will not be the magic feel of Bahubali, whose biggest reason is Hindi dubbing romance or tragedy.

  Prabhas’s wife sometimes gets mismatched with the expression, due to which the whole fun gets spoiled.  Pooja Hegde is good and does justice to her character.  The expensive VFX of the film is not right, but the beauty of Pooja will surely give comfort to your eyes.  Look, move without being bold, then come if you are a die hard fan of Prabhas, then go book tickets and enjoy your star, others do not waste money, want to watch the film.

What is the collection of Radhe Shyam?

 So OTT Best.  Radheshyam will get two out of five stars from my side.  First, some beautiful visuals and romantic songs which will give satisfaction to the eyes and ears.  Second Effect Week End Storyline Second Chemistry Sites Emotions Due to the useless direction not using all these things in any way Third Pull Hindi Dubbing Plus Poor Chemistry and Last But Not In Logical And Zero Believe Force Climax If You Don’t Believe It  So brother, mobile, your money, book your tickets, enjoy the show, then definitely tell me how much you get my views.  Feather.


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