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KGF 3 in Prabhas Ki Entry | Salaar In KGF 3 | KGF 3 full Story Revealed


Apr 21, 2022
KGF 3 in Prabhas Ki Entry | Salaar In KGF 3 | KGF 3 full Story Revealed

 Friends, on the first day of the release of KGF Chapter 2, KGF 3 in Prabhas Ki Entry Salaar In KGF 3 KGF 3 full Story Revealed  released yesterday, made the tomb of the preview show.  Mumbai  No those Thugs of Hindostan.  India is behind everything etc. etc.  Talking about the Hindi belt on the first day of release, the movie collected 53.81 crores, but its Hindi lifetime collection of Shravan was much less than its opening day.  Whole.  The special thing about this movie is that Hindi Dubbed means its original language in Canada.

 Still, it broke the records of a good number of Hindi movies.  Till now we used to hear that how soon this is the most awaited movie of cinema.  Now let’s see the rest, let’s talk about the high of the movie, I put some of its box office records in front of you.  Now let’s talk about the issue for which you have clicked on this video.  Can Prabhas really join chemistry?  Is arrogant sala’s Acro score possible or will it be just a dream?

 Before talking about all this in our video detail, there are two important things.  First of all, I am telling the truth by watching every two videos till the end without skipping.  It is going to be fun and secondly, if you like to watch movies related to movie legend cinema, then suspend the channels and also present welcome, so that you do not miss any further videos, then those people who did the previous chapter two  Haven’t seen  I will say with great respect among them that in the first leisure time there is no need for you because in this video you can be solo about chapter two.  Maybe that’s why don’t tell me later that you spoiled the fun of the movie.

 Now, look when I was nominated and when I came to know that Prashant will also direct it, the first thing that came to my mind was Roki and Sala’s crossover I wish I could see the microphone.  Go.  For the past few days, I am noticing that I am not the only one who wants to see this crossover, but there is a lot of talk on social media about its adoption.

 People are saying that these will be seen in Saala Movie Center and someone is saying.  Prabhas’s entry in his own way and if we tell from our heart that means with a true heart then yes, i3 can also be a crossover possible, which also has a good chance.  That ultimately depends on the makers and how they take the story forward but this crossover is possible.  Why am I saying this?  I will also tell you what is the reason behind this.

 Let’s talk first that when you have seen any chapter about shampoo if you have seen it carefully, then you would know that after defeating Adira, Rocky ruled for three years and at the same time he did quite a lot.  All the international shoots were done and if some people did not understand that when this happened or what I am saying then it means that after watching the movie I was in too much hurry to go home and in this hurry  The results of the movie Ke Chakkar Mein Tumne had post-credits scenes.  He missed it, but it doesn’t matter that I am nor do I tell what happened inside that scene.

 Inside that scene, we were given a hint of chapter three.  It is a different matter that its directors have been saying for the last two years that chapter three will not be made.  The story of Chapter Two Ke Neri Movie is complete.  Did you see its craze and success, the makers thought of making KJ a trilogy.  Any Way To Yes, which were the credit scenes, after which it is shown that the CIA of USA comes to Monica Sen after and gives her a file, in which we cry chapter three.

 Now I have explained this thing in my detail.  This is so that now you can understand better what I am going to tell you, there were many people who had not seen that scene.  Then it would be understandable.  Now look, only one thing will be coming to your mind what is the connection of all these things with Salar, or what connection can be made.  So in this, first of all, someone is the strongest of these.  That is the story shown in both these movies.  Both these movies have set in the hour’s time, the news about the fuckin movie around it had come long ago that this movie time will be set and if you look at KJ, then it is also set in almost the same time frame, then this one  It has become clear that if you introduce brother-in-law to someone, then it will not be seen at all.  We cannot say how it was done or it is not possible.  This cannot happen, but it depends on the makers that they will execute from this session.

  Now the second thing is that if the report is to be believed, then Saala is a fictional movie.  In fictional movies in which the military is bold, according to this, there can be full chances of getting these two crossovers done.  Rocky International has become a criminal in Chapter Two, so if the makers want, they can stand Prabhat against it or in support, and if you have not yet believed in these things, then sit with your heart, because now they are coming.  .  Some number three, now first of all look at the photo and see it.  This is the same first thing, now the second thing comes again.

 Inside Sala’s star cast, Ishwari Rao, who is the mother of Farman in Chapter Two, and Sala, is also the mother.  Now listen to my story what my mind says, have you seen Herman die inside chapter two.  Was there a scene depicting his face in which his aunt removes the cloth from the dead body?  Means tries to see that his face is not shown, so there is no proof that Farman is the son of Sala Iswari Rao inside the movie according to this Z cast.  It may also mean that Farman brother-in-law used to always tell Farman’s mother Rakhi that her son treats her like a god, so according to this now my mind says

 That the news of Farman’s death is false and Rocky has trained him well and sent him to the US so that he can spread Rocky’s name inside other countries as well as Farman’s Salar prepares a private army to fight the enemies, whose  With the help of Rocky’s death, he immediately takes revenge on everyone from the Indian government.  Solo movie producer Vijay cut it but did not say that solo movie.

 If it is celebrated on a global scale, then, according to this, this theory is not weak at all.  The rest is my prediction from my Thought.  I am not a writer director who can do whatever I want in my mind.  I have shared this with my Geeta.  How much power do you see in these theories in these points?  Let me tell you by commenting and see, a lot of hard work has gone into making NBT.

 If you have spent a lot of time doing research, then definitely like the video.  But if you want to see more such explosive theory, then rather impress by subscribing to the channel, I will meet you.  Zero good intake again.


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