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Jayesh Bhai Jordar Review In Hindi


Apr 25, 2022


Jayesh Bhai Jordar Review In Hindi

How is the phase going in front of Bollywood at this time when its biggest stars are seen filling water in front of South Star. Jayesh Bhai Jordar Review In Hindi Nobody is understanding.  How is this to take things forward, which are big movies.  In big movies, in which the movie with money is also stopped, brother, if no movie of South India is released, otherwise the movie will be stalled.  In such a situation, now Bollywood will have to restructure itself and do engineering anew.

 Somewhere then some things will be right.  In such a situation, now Ranveer Singh, who is not the rising star of Bollywood, has now been established.  Have started entertaining people through their movies.  The trailer of his new movie Jan Jordaar came out in which a new concept has come about feticide.  An attempt has been made to make a movie capturing the equality that is there for women in society.  But seeing the trailer of this movie, once again, it seems the same.  Somewhere, some things were definitely missing.

  But if we look at the story of the trailer in itself, then there are a lot of good things in the trailer, which can be expected.  The movie will leave people with a poster message.  At the same time, the committee will also bring a little bit of temper with it.  Ranveer Singh is once again ready for a bang on the big screen.  Then Ranveer Singh, who is returning from Jayesh Bhai vigorously, will once again be seen in a Gujarati character.  Ranveer Singh has a very close relationship with the Gujarati character.  In such a situation, his old experience will come in handy somewhere in the film, as soon as Ranveer Singh is in the role of Jayesh Bhai in Jordaar.  She is in the role of his wife.

 Apart from Mr. Shaleen Pandey Shaleen and Ranveer Singh, the film also stars Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah and Jiya Vidya in important roles.  Talking about the trailer, it is shown in the Firang trailer that it is the story of a son who gets up at the behest of his village headman father.  He doesn’t even make a sound of chum in front of his father, but he is simple.  One day the son becomes a ruckus for his father.  In fact, the chief has high hopes from his son that he will give a lamp to the house and he will get the next generation head for the future.  For this generation, Mukhiya ji has thought of putting the responsibility on the shoulders of Jayesh Bhai.

 In such a situation, Jayesh Bhai also has to obey many things of his father.  Son Jayesh Bhai’s wife is from stomach.  In such a situation, the parents of Jayesh Bhai hope that this time only the grandson will come to their house.  However, Jayesh Bhai already has a daughter whom his grandparents do not like.  The twist in the story comes when Jayesh Bhai comes to know that his wife is not a small son, but a daughter.  Didn’t even make a sound.  He runs away from the house with his wife and daughter and thinks that he will do so.

 He even does this, but the whole village falls in his midst.  Now what will happen next?  Will Jayesh Bhai and his family be in the hands of Mukherjee or will Jayesh Bhai’s future daughter be put to death or will Jayesh Bhai save his daughter?  It will be very interesting to know all this and this is the only question that comes up in the trailer.  Ranveer Singh may have been perfect while working in Gujarati accent, but this film would have looked different in many ways from his other films, either Ranveer Singh had worked in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Ram Leela.  The racing background was shown to be associated with Gujarat.  In such a situation, Ranveer had left no stone unturned to become a pure Gujarati.

 Now according to the trailer of Jayesh Bhi Jordaar, Ranveer’s look in the film is quite different from the look of his films now.  Ranveer Singh is sometimes seen as Vicky in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, sometimes Bittu of Band Baaja Baaraat, and sometimes Ram of Ram Leela.  In the character of Jayesh Bhai, Ranveer is seen as a simple Gujarati Dheegra.  Apart from the clothes and looks, Ranveer’s body language is different from the rest of his character.  The purpose of this character of Ranveer is not to get his girlfriend, kill the villain, or become smart by cheating on someone, but the submissive character suddenly gets ready to fight alone against the social evil, which is considered to be the most interesting USP of the film.

 This film of Ranveer Singh can touch the hearts of the audience somewhere because the film trailer shows a serious issue.  It is not that this topic is coming up for the first time in the editing of a film, but the way the story is being told by taking out a small trailer by adding the fabric of it.  He is going to touch the heart somewhere.  In such a situation, it is expected that this film Ranveer will do well in theatres.  Tell that this film is going to hit the theaters on May 13 and with this Bollywood is once again going to present itself in front of the audience.  Well, we are in front of you, now you have showered your love on us, but there will be a comparison.  It’s a simple matter.

 If there is no comparison, then nothing will be left of the public, but the topic of the movie is looking very good, so how do you really get the love of this movie from the public.  Paris.  France where India


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