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jalsa 2022 amazon prime video hindi | jalsa 2022 amazon prime video online Watching


Mar 20, 2022
jalsa 2022 amazon prime video hindi

 Think if someone harms you or if I say friendly, then think that someone may have an accident with your hands. If he is on the verge of dying and you are living your daily life with that thing inside you because of fear without informing anyone, then your life will be hell. You will not like your work. You won’t be able to talk to anyone.

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 You will keep cursing yourself every time. Even if someone’s voice is heard, you will feel that now you have been caught and this diploma is the main plot of this film. In one word, it is not a Fabulous Fabulous Movie, which one is really a little different. Is realistic and will keep you hooked throughout the film, so welcome Mira naam hai. The yogi and we will meet again and again. A movie named Jalsa has arrived.

  There is only two hours of movie on Amazon Prime Video and in full two hours this movie gives you acting performance. How to convert a simple concept into a film. How realistic touches are given to the characters, that will tell everything is the story. A well known journalist who has a different identity in the media, but he also has a family of his own and is in the family. A servant whose role is played.

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 Shefali Shah and one day becomes Shefali Shah’s daughter i.e. Rukhsana’s daughter. The case of accident hit and run and the whole story revolves around this. To know more, you must watch the movie and why the name of the film is Jalsa. That too you will understand after watching this movie. The two biggest of

this movie.

 There are two biggest plus points of this film. Shefali Shah and Vidya Balan. Natural acting came, the more you praise, the less it will be. Both of these will make you feel the pain inside them. That is, whatever literary thing is going on on the screen. You yourself can feel it with the same intensity. Somewhere in this film you have also found yourself.

 In my life, you have made such a mistake at some point of time, which we cannot tell to anyone. You will get to see that same thing in this movie. The film is a suspense drama movie in which you know what has happened but still when that suspense opens in front of the character of that film and the way it is shown in the film is commendable.

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  Directly stop on Fifty but this code is valid only till 20th March, so go fast and download it from the link of the description. This time along with Holi, along with the film Rang Kukur of Knowledge, in this film you will get to see a very good family friendly suspense story, in which there is no abuse, no intimate scene and life, in this film there is no song. . Along with the suspense of the film this accident, a different story of the police has also been added.

jalsa amazon prime

 Due to which the suspense of this film gets a different twist. Politics and media have also been used in the film in a very realistic way and we have been told openly about how any news sells. Now buy that news by paying money or suppress it by paying both the points are shown in this film. The meaning of this film and the end of this film.

 As you get closer, your heartbeat and tension will increase and after the film is over, you will get the feeling from inside that you have seen a good Bollywood movie after a long time. You will feel absolutely satisfied and if I may say then this is definitely a movie that you can watch with your whole family.

 I will give Don’t forget to download this movie for any free from the link of four of five stars and yes description because this time colors of knowledge are available with Kukku FM. We will in the next video.


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