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IND Vs WI: T20 की शुरुआत जीत के साथ, पहले मैच में Team India ने West Indies को हराया | IND Vs WI: Start of T20 with victory, Team India beat West Indies in the first match


Feb 17, 2022

 IND Vs WI: T20 की शुरुआत जीत के साथ, पहले मैच में Team India ने West Indies को हराया | IND Vs WI: Start of T20 with victory, Team India beat West Indies in the first match

IND Vs WI: T20 की शुरुआत जीत के साथ, पहले मैच में Team India ने West Indies को हराया | IND Vs WI: Start of T20 with victory, Team India beat West Indies in the first match

Team India captain Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav won the first T.  Why did we say that Mumbai Indians, who opened in the first T20, have now fired for the West Indies because these are the three best performances 24 have done against the West Indies.  
In batting, Mumbai will really quote Mahi, because if he shows him Tamil too, then we will have to handle him, so we will say that we have opened with this, that we had given some less balls, then Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav did  Played very good innings and Team India won in the end very comfortably in the first T but in batting we would say that there was a bit of a ruckus in the middle and if you are preparing for the T20 World Cup which is to be held in Australia then that  Accordingly, whatever is there in the target of One Six, you should not get trapped, you should register a little clear victory, especially in your house, but even then, if we have won, then we do not remove more damages. 
IND Vs WI: T20 की शुरुआत जीत के साथ, पहले मैच में Team India ने West Indies को हराया | IND Vs WI: Start of T20 with victory, Team India beat West Indies in the first match
 Good win and Rohit means guaranteed win.  How to do Rohit, see the guarantee of victory now and as soon as Rohit has come back from injury, he has taken over the captaincy of Team India, 4 out of 4 full time.  First three ODIs and then one T Twenty Heyman Kusuma do such DK to stop DK, then tell me more.
 162.  Team India has won by six wickets and we were wondering a bit about the share of the bank whether it will be able to play that role or not but there was no pressure but let’s at least not have that much relaxation together.
IND Vs WI: T20 की शुरुआत जीत के साथ, पहले मैच में Team India ने West Indies को हराया | IND Vs WI: Start of T20 with victory, Team India beat West Indies in the first match

 Who would talk, if one ever goes to Victoria, then it can happen that the match may get stuck.  But Somalia and Suryakumar Yadav and they have a partnership of 40-45 runs, so if you look at that point of view, you cannot underestimate Venkatesh Iyer’s innings as well and everyone Kohli yesterday I told you only yesterday.  Said that no, no, I am not underestimated by no one, but the way Virat Kohli is going through the form, but Venkatesh Iyer also scored 24 runs in 13 balls.  Make good luck.  This team of commission is good for India that when you have Deepak Hooda also.  Venkatesh Iyer will also be there.  
Hardik Pandya will also be there, Ravi Jadeja will also be there.  Akshar Patel will also be there.  Even if Washington Sundar is there, you will have two pace attacks and at least four all-rounders with spin and the best part is that you also have Sooraj Shardul Thakur.  
There is also Deepak Chahar who has shown his hands in his batting, so I think there is a pool of good all-rounders and those who are making good for Team India like Deepak Hooda did well.  We saw in the ODI series and Shaheer got a chance, he did well and your main player is also out.
IND Vs WI: T20 की शुरुआत जीत के साथ, पहले मैच में Team India ने West Indies को हराया | IND Vs WI: Start of T20 with victory, Team India beat West Indies in the first match
 These Raj scoreboards already had Antigua and West Indies batting first.  Well it seemed 157 that only these people would be able to make which was 50-55 runs of 55 in 6 overs and only one wicket had fallen, that too had fallen in the first over, despite that they were in part in the over.  Had a good bat.  But as soon as the field opened Ravi Bishnoi, Chahal came in this way and Team India had again broken its back.  
West Indies had made sure of this and look, I was constantly saying, after completing it, you can see from there again you watched the whole match.  Look what I was saying that brother, you come brother 43 on one seat out of 61-157, it is a big deal, they have got life, they will have got brother, they get fortune favor break, not Maggi, but I said that you do not vote lightly.  Ko Kabhie Hota Hai runs were scored and I had also attacked, sometimes it was scored.
 Today was a very important run, if these runs did not come, then I would have thought that he was 130th.
 But debutants are still all four of them 17, so what about amazing bowling and Harshal Patel in this.  Harshal Patel took 2-2 wickets but at the same time wasted in everyone, nothing but took two wickets.  Then came the batting later, what Rohit batted, this same strike rate above 200 at 19 40.  Kya Baat Hai Kab Captain Leading From The Front Bell And After That Finished.  It doesn’t matter if Suryakumar Yadav has made any promises.  
18 to 34 i.e. a strike rate of about 180 190 and played a good innings and gave victory to Team India as soon as 19 overs remained.  Suryakumar Yadav talked about Sky only after what we were talking about and when there was talk of playing XI, he had said that he should give a chance to Super Sky here from Asia because.
 It is twenty and does well with the finish.  Come and take your innings but Suryakumar Yadav can take care of him and he can also set foot in the accelerator, as I think Ishant’s wicket fell and ride became his Pant’s wicket.  As soon as he came, he hit two fours in two balls.  After Pant, he came, after Pant, the opinion was prepared about Virat’s Bhangra, then after Holi, he hit two fours, two brave readers, yes, he is also a pressure that carries the bill and not yet gone.
 Now Ishan Kishan’s innings did not take thirty-five at 42.  By playing 42 balls on the wicket where Rohit is making 40 for 18, then you would expect that 60 runs will be scored, money will be passed.  Today, perhaps he had gone into the role of anchor.  Sharma was hitting and I don’t know if that pressure of 15 crores, then Nishant yaar if 42 balls are played, then it is 60 70 65 from the players, he was in a very defensive mood today and was out in a very strange way.  The day may have been bad but yes it was a good start.  He was standing on the wicket.
 Although let’s play Rohit in front of the least distance, Rohit supported him.
 Good thing to Team India in a good start.  But I will still say that if you want to keep the city in the team, you should open it, which Ishan Bali decided that the city’s aap game is the same.  Now the one with the power play, then you should open it with them, the battery is bad.  It doesn’t matter if you sign, I think in the next match also you will get to see the same batting combination that you win, you will go with victory but what about Bhuvneshwar Kumar.  Is he playing the next match, you only said mine in the beginning.  I had said that the experience will be with you a bowler.  
Although he bowled well.  Not that 31 were given in the first over of poor bowling.  Meaning the rest of the brothers were cheaper than Deepak 4.  Had been a victim of Harshal Patel and was also economical than Chahal, then took one more wicket, then all four times, not sitting on 31, if you have given 4 runs in 1 over, then I expected that one more over should have been done.  Should have done that.
 Jaitley When your Deepak Chahar ne ‘Teen Batti’ you performed well, I think you will get it, that means you can’t say this.  This four and forty would be zero bye, took a wicket in the first over and amazing swing.
 If it was bye bye and that sahib even after getting a chance, what hard work did DK do, he also refused this profile separately.  Thank you Wild Life I am thanking you.  Cut the clip and send it to D. Seeing the art, it is the same, yes the star that you even called the star did not look like that star.  Sometimes the star felt that he will send his brother to his DK Joshi or you go and save the work for him, he gets angry that one, the work we are doing is eleven o’clock in the night and you guys are lacking in work.  Remove it.  Sometimes you see these lights at home but not those flaws which are good for you to say that yesterday things made Rudy angry.
  So as always, Rohit Sharma is lucky for Mumbai Indians.  Yes, because they have won the trophy five times, but they don’t get to win matches like that.  Absolutely there is luck in that too.  The combination of the team is also good and the way the decision was taken today, perhaps none of us would have believed that you will play two leg spinners together, Steyn will also play and you will also play Ravi Vishnoi but he has taken the captain’s decision.  
Apart from that, we had said that you will go to the first choice all-rounders.  Deepak Hooda but fed him to Venkatesh Nagar and after feeding the lion, bowled an over and Venkatesh Iyer did a good over and batted well on it.  Iyer would be happy if you said this sky and we said that before but if you look at Iyer’s experience which he liked me so far in that sense he could have gone with Captain Iyer as well.  
Iyer has just played a raw innings in Ooty and has won you, so only then you could have gone but no, he gave it a chance.  The other was saying that Venkatesh will probably remain in the opening because you are getting the combination but not he did the same opening that we talk about.  Ishan and the decision he took under this captaincy, yes he did not feed the order, he did not feed Siraj.  She got her first marriage to Bhuvneshwar Kumar.  
You.  If you start with our senior bowlers, that claim turned out to be absolutely true.  Now Deepak 4 fell for a while today.  Herschelle McGrath got 2 wickets for the zone, a little bad but the decision was good overall.  By batting very well, he could have done fifty-five, but if he was out unlucky, then the over and good decision was taken in Sector 7 and the name of the West Indies batsman, other than Pooran, and I think no batsman is as much.  
This is Divya.  What happened after beating England 3 2 Despite this team getting the title in India, because you are stuck in this played in England, they took two wickets in an over.
 The same thing has become a turmoil, it does not happen in the same way now, these two wickets fall and the West Indies run away immediately, they play their rhythm game today why that Pollard wife of the wife was batting very slow today
 Even in batting or in front of you, he played a similar Kantak bowler in front of you, who made Team India a big vote in the last five years, there is no bowler compared to him, he is playing with you and you will also be afraid of this.  
That brother today, always Team India did not play two different spinners and today only got the opportunity and it will take time if in a big match then first Chahal will get me later then today bowling in that pressure and bowling so economical  Doing means giving 17 runs in four overs, only bowling 17 amazing and he took two wickets, no doubt, great debut, amazing debut and we were mistaken.  Wow wow what’s the matter today four overs 17 runs and two wickets and this is again a matter in today’s favor of a party in maar ke bhai khata.
 You are doing amazing, you are giving me less of a collision, you people understand less voltage, then people will just name you there, respect graphics, fire, what are the things, and 17 runs, two wickets, Ravi Bishnoi’s dream debut, which is called his dream debut in front of the Belgian champion team  Very economical bowling.  Took two crucial wickets and broke his back.  He could not recover from the West Indies there.  
Gave two such shocks.  Timing matters a lot.  If these two wickets were coming in your last over, it would not have mattered if you were at number two, but these two wickets have come when West Indies were continuously moving ahead in the game.  You were donating to Team India, you broke that Momentum as well as broke the West Indies, since then you could not recover from the restlessness, reaching around 160, sometimes after that date your very good and brilliant performance  Bombay Powell tramples Romesh out and Roston Chase Roston Chase also hits a wonderful hit Very sent in the middle order Talk Thank you I love you to Mere Bhai Ishaan Kishan 42 Ball 35 Be institutional.  
Rashid Khan is saying that Rashid Khan ji will now be seen when he plays from Lucknow.  Right now it seems a little matter today, nothing happens.
 Drop Pant sometime.  What happened to Lavkush Kumar’s record because when Ranji returned in a match, then the audience sitting there was angry with Kohli and gave the best captain in the light.
 You have to believe it, brother, I will say this for a long time.  Luck is so good now people will speak but divorce would have been necessary.  Virat Kohli also used to run, used to feed the same team and today Virat could have been a captain.  Mary Mary where you praise the city
 We did the first thing as soon as we came that Iyer gave good support and the 40-year partnership that came back, if that wicket fell, then you would not have any more shoulders then traders used to start coming and now  All I could have was batted really well.  Hansraj Kale Puri.  Sports Desk.  My brother, for today give some permission to Hemant and me because they will report


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