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Headset Rate Increase In Free Fire Max

Free Fire MAX is one of the most well-known games within the category of Battle Royale. The game is highly competitive and players have to improve their mechanics and speed of reaction to achieve the top places on the leaderboards, and get rewards.A headshot is the best weapon to deal the maximum extent of injury to your opponent during the game.

It is always a search for ways to eliminate opponents quickly with just a few shots. A higher percentage of headshots is also a good indicator of the player’s level of skill.

Five tips for increasing you Free Fire MAX headshot rate

5.) Learn about the recoil patterns of various rifles

Garena has introduced a diverse assortment of weapons to Free Fire MAX. Gamers have the option of choosing from a range of guns including shotguns, assault rifles, Sniper rifles, and more. They all have distinct recoil patterns, meaning that they are a bit more difficult to control than others.

The first step is to use guns that have a less recoil (like SMGs) to fight against their opponents. Once they have a good understanding of how recoil is regulated by SMGs then they can go for weapons such as shotguns or assault rifles that have more recoil.

4.) Be aware of the crosshairs’ position

The placement of the crosshair is among the most effective tips to increase the speed of headshots. It is the infinity (+) symbol that appears on the right side of the display. The players who have the best crosshair placement tend to place it in the exact spot they expect their opponent’s head to appear.This assists them in connecting more headshots, and beat their adversaries quickly.

To increase crosshair placement, players can go to training areas or play games 1v1 with their buddies in their own custom rooms while only focusing to improve their crosshair positioning.


3.) Make the changes to the HUD control

The final tip players can apply to their game in Free Fire MAX to improve the accuracy of their headshots is to change the HUD controls. Garena lets players customize the settings of their HUD in game, and also alter the direction of buttons used to perform actions such as shooting or crouching, jumping and others.Gamers can switch from a two-thumb controller to the three-finger claw or a four-finger claws for the most efficient gameplay.

This could help players improve their reaction times as well as allowing them to pinpoint an opponent’s head to ensure the head shot.

2.) Adjust the settings for sensitivity

Sensitivity settings play a significant impact on the overall game of a player and headshot accuracy.

Players can go to the settings menu within the game to adjust their sensitivity settings for the general camera as well as other scopes included in Free Fire MAX.

Players who change to a different setting of sensitivity must go to the training facilities to improve their muscles memory.

This allows them to move their scopes and crosshairs quickly, while focusing on their opponent’s top body.Here are the most effective settings that players can make use of for headshots that are precise using Free Fire Max:

  • General: 90 to 100.
  • Red Dot: 60-75.
  • 2X Scope: 99.
  • 4X Scope: 95.
  • Sniper Scope: 20-30.
  • Free Look: 50-75.

1.) Do aim-training drills in the practice ground

Garena has made a number of new features to the training area and improved it in important ways. For those who want to improve their game are able to visit the training facilities and practice various drills for aim. This can help them overcome their weaknesses and increase their skills in a secure environment.

Gamers can also try out new movement and aim techniques and apply them to games that are ranked to shock their opponents.

They can improve their headshot accuracy by using the numerous aim exercises within Free Fire MAX.


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