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grandmaster to bronze glitch 2022


Feb 4, 2022


grandmaster to bronze glitch 2022

Friends, if you have also come directly from GrandMaster to Bronze, then today I have come in the article with the solution of the same.

  After reading this article and it was told, if you follow it, then 90% of your rank will come back.

 Where has the rank decreased?

 1. CS-Rank

 2. Full Maps Rank

  Why is the rank down?

  If you also don’t know why our rank has dropped at the end then Garena Free Fire says that if you played with Hacker in your game or pushed rank with Hacker then your rank will be reduced due to that.  Now you will say that I have not played with the hacker, yet why our rank has decreased, now the problem is how to bring the rank back

  If you want to bring back your rank then you have to follow the steps given below then only your rank will be able to come back

  1. You have to go to Google and search Help Garena Free Fire or click on this link

 2. You will see the album button of Sign in, by clicking on it you have to sign in

 3. After that a new page will open, you will see four options.

 a.  Announcement

 b.  Account Issues

 c.  Game Concerns

 d.  Payment Issues

 4. You have to click on C number on Game Concerns

 5. After that click on this link

 6. Then sign in

 7. After that you will be seeing the Chose button at the bottom.  There you have to select which game you play Free fire and Free fire Mix.

 8. After that a form will open, you have to submit your complete problem in it.


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