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free fire top 10 hacker gameplay


Jan 12, 2022

In a free fire, you must be surrounded by hackers at some point or the other, but have you ever noticed what kind of hackers are, how many types of total hacker is in free fire, and what type do we get in the game?  Today in town, I will tell you some funny things about hackers and tell you how many types of hackers are there but in today’s time of Free Fire game, I will show you 10 different types of hackers and about the most dangerous hackers and  I’ll show it to the game.  If you see, then you say that brother, how are you doing, that means if you are going to show you today about a very dangerous hacker, then today’s article is going to be a non-fade article, then definitely saw the article till the last.

Auto kill Hacker

 The hacker I see at number one, his name will be Otto Kill Hacker, what will the men do in this, the men keep just two bullets and that gun only excels and where their location is found, they just fire one bullet directly at him.  It hits the head and it dies and here you can see the gun is reaching and it will shoot like a bullet, it is going to go automatic and it is going to hit it.  And it was considered one of the most dangerous hackers.  It’s fine in the time of 2018-19 but after that, a lot of hackers came out who left behind it.  Look up how easily they kill and when the location is not found, they start flying in the sky, there they kill everyone in such a strong way.  Wherever he goes, he kills all the fellows immediately after hitting them, then he used to be the most dangerous hacker of that time.  So you can see how dangerously this bus is killing everyone.

 Teleport Hacker

 The name of the second type of hacker that comes is Teleport Hacker.  By the way, all the hackers I can say Teleport Hacker because the job of Teleport Hacker is that he shows Auto Aim, the sense of the fellow tells what he is not doing.  Where are the location and you will move there automatically and you will be shot and that direct headshot lag jega and it will be locked and the person will die automatically but if you shoot in that direction then you can see on the screen it is just sleep  Shooting and automatic, this guy seems to be head and does not seem to be aiming anywhere that we should tell any kind of hacker, we Teleport Hacker

 Fast Movement Hacker

 The hacker who comes on the third number speaks of that kind like Fast Movement Hacker and you can see on the screen that both of them play in custom and with how many parts they keep killing the fellow within a second, then it is called  We will speak  The hacker of Fast Movement Hacker, which you will not even know by doing Fast Movement, will go to you in the blink of an eye and if you are shot down, then it becomes Fast Movement Hacker and this kind of free fire still exits and you  It can be seen how fast both are playing and hitting each other, so let’s talk about the hacker of the next time and I will show you how he is coming.

 CAR Hacker

 We call the hacker who comes, we call it CAR Hacker, so whether the vehicle hacker can take it from any car and can use its hack immediately and kill the fellow easily, then here if you look at him, how much speed does he drive and the fellow  If you are killing a car, then car to car and what to do, wherever you want, you can fly it in the air, now you can sink it inside the ground, everywhere you could have taken the car with you, did not kill the fellow at that time  You can easily kill the person from there when everything else inside the ground is above the ground, then we call this type of hacker, we are Car Hacker.  Goes anywhere in the blink of an eye  Tell me but the hacker and what would happen to him in this, I am telling you.


 In this, you can kill the fellow by taking a sniper gun, it is such a hack that if you use a sniper gun, then only it will work, or else it will not.  Do the work, whoever uses this hack, should know how to run AWM in M82B Dubile M82B, only then this hack is used.  Although it is very dangerous.  There would have been a 100% ban, if you play by applying any hack, then you should never try it.  You can see this on the screen, how by switching AWM and switching M82B, we call the EC who is easily killing the fellow, we are sniper hackers.  So let’s move on to the next type of hacker.

 Auto Headshot Hacker

 Auto headshot Hacker Hacker Stating I told you auto kill hacker in which just kill the person anywhere means whether the headset is attached or not, it is said that the headshot of the man will be fixed, the headset will take the body soft minimum chance.  That lactic one or two consecutive buttons that advocate is always from the headphones.  Teddy’s piece is called Auto Headshot Hacker and it is one of the most dangerous hackers and you will not know where you are using it on big YouTuber.  Those exposed people use Otto headset and hit one tape and show you montage so remember that Otto headset is being used a lot these days and uses very big YouTube and you get montage  shows as

 Grenada Hacker

 Drink friend.  The name of this hacker is Grenada Hacker and if you do rank push in Class Squat for the reason then at some point you will have to face great hacker because those people mostly use Grenada Hacker to take class squat and win because a  By going to the lobby of the other in the bar, he easily blows up the fellow with all the grenades in a blink of an eye and if his game starts like going to the lobby of the other, then here you can see his people entered the attack and there  But if you go and blow these people with grenades, then they can say a very dangerous level hacker that you can see that you will immediately shoot four guns at all four, go to his lobby, go to his lobby in the player’s house and kill the whole fellow.  If given, it is one of the most dangerous hackers of the class squat because they kill all the people at once.

 Fling Hacker

 The name of this hacker is Flying Hacker.  And what happens in this, let me tell you that all the guys who do Fling Hacker don’t fly in the sky, that means they keep flying up and the guy where he gets the automatic which is where the automatic of the guy takes him to thereby flying and  After taking him there, automatic m takes him and kills automatic, but most of them use everything in the ranks, when a friend is pushing global, then they keep dribbling the person flying in the sky as fast as possible and quickly Booya  If you place your rank by doing this, then here you can see how fast the place shows the location of the fellow and he automatically shows the place in that location and the person is shown the automatic place of karate, it is one of the very dangerous hackers.  Who will remain in this list from the user


 The most dangerous hacker which is considered is our Aeroplane Hacker, it is one of the most dangerous hackers on earth when all of the airplanes in it.  Live at the same time kill all the fellows, looking back on the screen, the light of the monkey’s light is fine and as soon as they descend after the airplane after some time they see the old woman, then it is one of the most dangerous hackers and this  Right now it is a very rare hacker can say that people who use hacker, then it is one of the very living people in AEROPLANE and all died and after some time you will see that booyah appear and look at you then you are crazy  You will go  Squdte to come was its guy 48 other than him and 48 of 48 they killed the whole airplane so let’s go well

 Lobby Hacker

 The most dangerous hacker is considered to be the biggest hacker of free fire.  Before I tell you about that, I want to give you a piece of information that the name of that hacker is that too if the name of the hacker kills all the people in the world’s biggest lobby hacker and you can see on a screen that in the lobby  All the fellows were aiming at the headset being hit so that all those fellows were dying automatically and they should get all the phones before the game starts.  booyah then this is considered to be the most dangerous and most dangerous free fire hacker to date and this ff godfather now has a channel by doing such a godfather, I took this clip from him, if you want, you can watch the video on his channel.  If you can, then he is one of the dangerous hackers who kills all the people in the lobby and takes them all, so today the video ends here.


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