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free fire top 10 character 2022


Jan 7, 2022

 Free Fire Top 10 Character 2022

free fire top 10 character 2022

Do you probably know which characters are used by those who are sports players, so now all of you will say that brother character does not make any difference.  You must have skill.  If you don’t have to then you will put four four guns with Adam like you would have seen Udupi.  Maybe I will tell you that if the script was there for skill appointments, then do not pay attention to the script at all  Twenty Twenty One happened, so I watched that tournament complete and noticed every player that brother, with which character he is playing, then all the players there, all the teams that came, all of them had such character.  Were using that meant that there were only eleven and twelve such characters that he was using.  Perhaps in this I will tell you about them, what characters they were, then watch the video very important devils Purendra and clear the issues one by one.  Starting last several windows.


 Number ten I have added characters with active skills on number ten that both the working scholars who were our sports players should use which character the most, which character was being used the most, so let me tell you Let me, the one that was being used the most there was Krone. Yes, crone, you all must be thinking that who is the number one character, then you are absolutely wrong, then the one who is our number one character is still a hat-trick and I am not saying this, I am on the basis of the support player. After Pe Bata Robotic and Krone, Bhukam was also being used there. Scalar was also being used, maybe very few people used them and if krone used too many people then it increased. What was being used the most was that crone is the number one character.


 I put the RAFAEL character on the number nine.  Yes, RAFAEL, I have put it on number nine because those cows were using it very few players.  But were using you could sleep once.  Means whether RAFAEL is being used at the international level, then it means that there will be some thing in the center, or our RAFAEL character is his ability to be dad silent.  That is, if you have any sniper or any marksman gun like LCD gas or drinking jaggery, then automatic silencer is installed inside it and if you have downed any anime with Rafael character then it is an anime that is fortified.  Percent will die soon.  number one i


 The number one character is Olivia.  Yes guide Olivia, who was our family World Series Twenty Twenty One, all the teams that came there, the maximum team Olivia playing with the character Olivia’s ability is the healing touch when one of your teammates gets knocked down and when you  If you revive it and you have Olivia character, then your friend will get sevanti as soon as he revives.  If your character is a full upgrade, then it means that as soon as it is revived, it will get Sevanti SP, it does not need to shoot, then it means that you can understand brother how much more and more power this character is, which is our public hearing from the number.


 The number seven pay character is Aluva Road.  Yes, guide Alvarez, if many people use this character too, then the whole team will use what is our swords, its ability is art oh demo, you will know that our grenadier land mine is how much important they are in the tournament.  The character of our swords is useful for this, he increases the damage of grenades and land mines by sixteen percent, the damage is fine, the range of enzo damage is 13, when it explodes, brother will damage it so far.  Increases his range by 10% extra, so your team should also have a grenade player who can throw grenades well, then that guy must fight with Alvarez.  And there many men were using swords only.


  Number six sheesh, which I put the character on number six, that is bol pada, yes, by speaking the guide, you are also a very overpowering character who came to our central team with free forward seats, out of all the matches that were played, these matches were done.  There she sang which was our security force team which she sang in Thailand team.  There he accomplished in 4 matches out of 6 matches, which is a very big thing, so the one player who was in his team was using the goal, so the ability of our bowler is lime light.  Was done.  When you kill a man, that guy starts suspending you and starts observing, if maybe that anime went back to his game, even then there were some places that are green, he doesn’t remove that packet, he suspends you  And the more people you kiss, means that the more people you pack, the more you will probably benefit.  Whereas any anime will give you damage on hand shot.  If someone shoots an animated mountain, then the damage that someone will do when they will cost you dirty percent.  Even if you have been made more packets and when you will shoot him on neem, that is, if you shoot him on the arm or on his leg, then you will have 20% extra damage, perhaps you will be too much over power character by speaking.


  I narrated the number fight, which I ate number type characters, that Hail Dora.  Yes Guy Lora who is our carry forward look Banda Wahab but Laura was also being used by many players, which is low, her ability is sharp shooter ie when you open the scope of any gun and kill the enemy, then you will get a lot of accuracy.  The best character prepared for those who run snipers is, you see, when you open the scope and kill an anime, then half of your bullet cannot be hit by recalling it.  If you have a loan i.e. Laura, then even one of your bullets will be missed.  Ok


  Number four amateurs, the number four character that comes to us is murder.  Yes, guide, so what was our free for world serious content one, out of all the teams that came there, the maximum players were using hands, so all of you would know about the ability of imports, if you do not know then I will tell you.  Let me tell you that its ability is auto blades ie when it is 10 percent healthy out of its maximum HP.  If she cries, they inflict more damage on her vest to the anime in front.  Gives 10% Extra Damage Armor Increases Penetration Of Daddy


  Number three engagement The number three character in me is Kaili.  Yes, singer Kelly is a very overpowered character, I have told you earlier that there are more teams than all the teams that came inside the Carry Forward Serious Contestant.  Means two or three men in a team were using Kelly, then you can imagine how much better character brother Kelly is if you mean to be a racer in your team by keeping a racer.  Then maybe you should definitely use the callee, then he too was using the callee inside his team since this year.  The ability of the callee, this nagach increases your spending speed.  Before proceeding in the right days, if you have not liked the video yet, then please like r video and in the link description of non my instagram, then definitely follow it there too.


 Number two sky which I am short for number two pay is Maxim.  Yes guide maxi a very good character last time 89% of all the teams that came under word serious condition were using maxim so you can imagine that brother jo humara maxi how much over power character maxi’s ability  It means if you install my kit or give it to mushroom or if you upgrade the weight, then it will do all those work forty percent faster.  As compared to the normal character as you can see here.  How quickly did I fit in here Teen Maddy


 I will tell you the number one engagement and which character can come at number one, then brother, the character who comes to our number one number is guide moto ji yes guide Moh, what are the special things in one 22 that you put Mowgli at number one  And if Maxim was not kept, then brother, who was our last World Series Twenty Twenty One, there the guide was using the maximum player opportunity.  Meaning that nine percent of the people were using the opportunities and 99 percent of the people were using the maxim as well.  What increased was our Phoenix Force team there, who had killed four arms in a row today, then all four men in their team were using the opportunity and only three players were using the missing Maxim.  His team has gone because I have put people at number one, which is the ability of people, that is to get hacked, that is, when you shoot any anime, then an arrow comes on top of it.  The position of the anime keeps changing.  That arrow keeps seeing where he will go.  By the way, you can tackle the position of that anime and kill it comfortably and your team mate is also visible till the arrow in the car, so the car which is our chance becomes the number one character, you fell asleep inside the passive skill.  Which character looks the best or which character you did not use at all.  Make sure to tell me in the comment section and share this video with a like and it takes a lot of hard work and if you are also coming to the channel for the first time then please make or subscribe the channel and set them on so that whenever  If I put such a fight, I will reach you first, then see you Eklavya and my auto family by taking bye to the next clash.


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