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Free fire OB32 Update : 4 Character ability Change


Jan 20, 2022


Free fire OB32 Update : 4 Character ability Change

So friends, you guys know that after every update, where changes are made in the ability of new characters, then after the OB32 update, four characters first, the ability of Axion character has been increased slightly, the second which is its Skyler character, its ability too.  After that the third character Olivia’s character has also been increased and its ability has been reduced a bit in the last and last maximum character, then I am going to mention these four characters in this article.  As I told, Olivia, then Maxim, then a senior character and lastly this color character, going into full gear and doing a complete ability test, will explain to you completely.  Meaning simply put, and after OB32 update, the four character cavity means change, I am going to tell the ability of those four characters in a single article with atozed exploration, so let us start the article and know that there are no four characters.  Let us in the video.

 1. XAYNE Character

  •  Character Active HP 280 Temporary -15S HP
  •  GLOBAL breaks into 15-18 AIMO.

 First of all, knowing the Axion Character Capacity, you can see that I have Axion Character of Max Level.  So let us know that after the OB32 update, the first ability of an Axion character to the new ability of the Axion character is justified.  Like you replace this skill on of a senior character, your HP will be 280.  Although it gets you temporary.  It will gradually decrease and it will again be 200 HP in 15 seconds, which means it will be normal HP, which was earlier, you can see it will be 200 HP as before, just you understood that Axion Corrector can increase your HP to 280 then women and  Look at the second ability of Axion Corrector, I have Thomson Gun and Thomson has 42 AIMO installed in it, how much is it to break the glue ball in Malawi 14, that is, going to Total, will put Twenty Eight 28 MO.  But this time see when I turn off the ability of the Axion character.  Last 28 MO took you see how long it takes to break Global.  Look at the seat, it will be clear.  Meaning see 30-29 AIMO means total kitna hai bolega only and will take only 13 MO where last time it was 28 MO.  It took 13 MO, which means that the ability of the Axion collector to weigh the bulbul critically.  Let me show you again.  Normally when you shot Maria’s global pay with a shotgun, you have seen this in my global report, but when I turn on Axion Corrective’s obesity, blue blue smoke is coming out more than just two bullets in me  Don’t break global.  You can understand that if the ability of the Axion character remains, then the weekly global will break.  Here you can see that how quickly global broke with S duty.  Means global can be weighed weekly, Axion Correct means that after OB small to update, Axion will be a very good corrector because one will take 280 hp during the fight means you can understand that it is global, then global can also be broken in a pinch.  After that, its cool down time was also reduced to one hundred seconds.  You can also see that after that the evaluation of the Jan Axion character, after one second its ability will last only for 15 seconds, there is no such activist calvert character who keeps his ability for 15 seconds, then it means that the Axion Ob Duty Took Update  After this, if there will be a character like a promo, then we will go ahead.

 2. SKYLER Character

  •  1 GLOBAL 42 HP Increased in 4 Secund
  •  1 Time ma 5 Global breaks.
  •  The use of Fire Button can break krkea Global.

 The next character is its oil character OB32.  After the update, the daughter of this color corrector has been increased even more.  People practically know the new ability of this color corrector and it is the first ability of color corrector, you make it global by hailing its fellow, now the camera is also a fact, HP increases after being global, so how does it become even a thought ahead and  It is already global, so after a second, the ninth hp increases, then it increases by 10 hp, then it fills up with 11 hp, then again increases the bar and hp.  4 times hp is increasing and total 42 hp butter noise also 10 hp 11 hp and 12 hp total 42 hp in 4 seconds this color corrector is bigger i.e. whenever you use this color corrector to apply a global then in 4 seconds you will get  42 HP will also be available, meaning you can understand that this is the first son.  After that we can see the second ability of this color corrector, which is the global breaking ability, then you can see it on this screen.  Here I put global first, you see it on the screen and see here how global these 6 globals are in the excited line or if I break global with this color character, a blue ball rings here and 5 global breaks means that  The ability of this color corrector cannot be broken more global than a sony can break 5 gulab balls in a well.  If there is less, then nothing is broken, after that, whatever was there after Titu, this color was given power, what power would it accumulate, now its fire button which you global.  Can hold it but I can move it after or after that by doing it comfortably after you have to remove your finger and the global of the global Panasonic web will be broken.  Meaning this ability was increased that you can kill easily by holding the fire button like a double sim.  VTS is the color key, that means after OB32 update, this is the ability, so if we go ahead, then whatever else dot’s button to update OB32

 3. OLIVIA Character

  •  OLIVIA Character Use Revive Friends – Received 80HP

 Olivia Corrector’s ability has also been increased a bit, so let’s know Olivia Corrector’s new ability is also auto updated after auto update, so you guys look carefully at this screen, I automatically get down from the net.  Even I am down from the net and the one who is my friend in front is also using the Olivia character and you see what happens as soon as we give a bite, that means if the person in front gives a rewind using the Olivia character then see my HB  As soon as it was revived, a search was done that normally it is 20 hp but it has become 100 hp means 80 extra hp was given but again you see.  Look carefully here, how much of my HP would take 20 HP even if a size revived normally, but if you revive the Olivia character, then your HP will be 100.  Although Olivia Corrector herself is of no use but I have a truth too.  I care about my friend, no one will have a thought but friend will get one hp because olivia corrector will get 80 hp every guy who talks to him 100 hp gets one size 20 hp stays first but because of marriage 80  Extra HP’s Total Gets A Truth Too


  •  Any Character Use Medikit use Time – 4S
  •  Mixame Character use Medikit use Time – 3S

 The fourth and last character, which has also been changed after the OB32 update, will know the ability, along with I will also tell you that the use of Maxim character is now ie even after the type to update, you should do or not.  Because that too after the T2 update, the ability of the Maxim character was reduced a little bit, so you can see on this screen that normally mate can give four seconds of copies, on the left side Adam is hitting the character mat, then it will take four seconds.  are.  On the other hand, when Maxim Corrector can see Mat’s mother in sheet side, it can save one second only and only for three seconds Maxim Corrector takes 25% less time than before you can see it here  To kill one minute, she is the daughter of Maxim Corrector and even after the Thought Titu update, I had said that after the Obi Shu update, Maxim Correct should be used or not, so let me tell you, I played a couple of games Maxim  With the character, we thought that maxim is still a very good character because only one second is saved but in free fire games every second is important so you can still use maxim character still maxim character is perfect  If OP, I have changed the ability of two or four characters in this video after all four means obi shoe update, that I told you by explaining it completely, then if you liked this video, then definitely do like the video.  Because it takes a lot of effort to make a video, so I want to do it one more time.  Brought the video to you and suspended the channel so that you can get more such content to watch in future.


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