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Free Fire Max New collaboration xAAa | All Prices and rewards new collaboration


Apr 5, 2022


Free Fire Max New collaboration xAAa | All Prices and rewards new collaboration

So friends, currently our Garena Free Fire is about to collaborate with xAAA. You want the question here that whether this tractor will be available to see in our Indian server, if it is available, then when will it be available, if not, then why will not get it, in this article, we tried to explain the whole point, then definitely read the article completely. Then you will understand.

 First of all, let us tell you that this calibration is going to happen tomorrow, on whose link we have done, then we are not able to access the link from the Indian server. And no one is able to access it from social media. And its maximum user is from the United States, Mexico, and Japan.

 And why we are not able to access it, no one has answered yet and Garena Free Fire says that this collaboration will be worldwide. Worldwide means it will be on all servers, but we are not able to access it from an Indian server.

 Even if by mistake it has come to our Indian server. By the way, it will come in the Indian server because Garena Free Fire is so greedy that it will not leave the Indian server even if it comes, then we will tell what rewards you will get to see in it.

S.L. Number Rewards/Price
1 Backpack ka skin
2 Emote
3 Global ka skin -2
4 Fist ka skin
5 Female bundle
6 xAAA male bundle
7 Katana ka skin
8 Loot box
9 Body skin
10 Masks
11 Exira Bundle
12 Another backpack ka skin

 So only the reverse will be given, whatever will be a new collaboration tomorrow, you will not get to see anything new with this collaboration, whatever it will be, given only simple things.

 You can make it a big event, but it is not a big event that it will last for the whole week. An event of a day or two will come in which you will be given some missions that you will have to complete.

 And secondly we are not able to access any social media of xAAA that we handle from Indian server. So it is a clear thing that this may not come in our Indian Sarvan, till now no confirmed notice has been issued for this.


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