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Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop November 2022


Nov 13, 2022

The Mystery Shop is a regular element in Free Fire MAX. Developers add it to the battle royale every few months.

It is primarily because of the huge discounts that it offers. This allows players to increase their collections at a fraction the regular price. Players can now get the most exclusive outfits at significantly lower prices thanks to huge price reductions on the latest bundles.

New Mystery Shop launches on Free Fire MAX India server

The new Mystery Shop, which was revealed today on the Free Fire MAX Indian Server, will be available for one week. There are two prize pools that offer exciting rewards at reduced prices.

These are the details:

Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop (November 2022)
Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop (November 2022)

1st prize pool

  • Teal Youngster Bundle: 1199 diamonds
  • Destiny Wing (MP5): Ten diamonds
  • Gloo Wall – Color Vibes – 119 diamonds
  • Incubator voucher (Expiry Date: December 31, 2022). 40 diamonds
  • Full Arm Tattoo: 599 Diamonds
  • Craftland Card (1 Match): 100 Diamonds
  • Top DJ: 599 diamonds
  • Name Change Card: 390 diamonds
  • Alok: 499 diamonds
  • Red Hot Chili (Head), 399 diamonds
  • Seniors: 399 diamonds
  • Swifts: 149 diamonds
  • Katana – Indigo Burn: 399 diamonds
  • Mr. Waggor: 499 diamonds
Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop (November 2022)
Free Fire MAX Mystery Shop (November 2022)

Prize pool 2

  • Pacific Breeze Bundle: 1199 Diamonds
  • Raze Volcanite (M4A1): 10 diamonds
  • 100 diamonds per room card (1 match)
  • Love in the air (Bottom) 399 diamonds
  • Weapon Royale Voucher: 40 diamonds
  • Gloo Wall – Pink Wink: 399 Diamonds
  • 60 diamonds – Diamond Royale Voucher
  • For my People: 599 Diamonds
  • Dragon Gangster (Head): 399 diamonds
  • Burnt BBQ: 599 diamonds
  • Katana – Season of Pink: 199 diamonds
  • Wukong: 499 Diamonds
  • Bundle Blood Skull Rocker Bundle – 899 diamonds
  • Heist Mastermind (Shoes): 199 diamonds

These are the prices for the item. Each item will be marked with a discount, which will vary depending upon the player.

The rewards may also change depending on the items that one has previously owned. The prize pool could therefore vary.


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