• Sat. Dec 10th, 2022

Free Fire MAX Moco Store New Event – WT Gamer

Moco Store finally made its way to the Free FireFree Fire MAX India server. It brings with it exclusive pet skins as well as other rewards.

The Luck Royale offers a fair amount of control over the prize pool and the guarantee of receiving the rewards. To get the rewards, you will need to first choose the grand prize and bonus prize. Then spend diamonds.

This is a complete guide to the Moco Store event in Free Fire Max.

Grand Prizes

  • Ember Fist
  • Mythos Fist
  • Unlimited Punch
  • Moco’s Ark
  • Katana – Ice Feather
  • Katana – Spirited Overseers

Bonus Prizes

  • G18 – Ice Bones
  • M500 – Fire Bones
  • Crystal Moony Deluxe Bundle
  • Zapping Dreki Deluxe Bundle
  • Undead Rockie Bundle
  • Name Change Card

The Moco Store offers a separate prize pool to draw the rewards. This includes the following items:

  • SCAR – Phantom Assassin Weapon Loot Crate
  • 1x Cube Fragment
  • Token Box Infernal Draco (Blue).
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expiry Date: November 30, 2022).
  • Two items previously selected

Diamond Speen

  • 1st spin – 9 Diamonds
  • 2nd spin – 19 Diamonds
  • 3rd spin – 49 diamonds
  • Fourth spin – 99 diamonds
  • 5th spin – 99 diamonds
  • 6th spin – 499 Diamonds

You are therefore guaranteed to get the grand and bonus prizes, as well as four additional items, for 874 diamonds. This is an incredible deal, regardless of which items you choose.


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