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Free fire hacker settings for free: free fire hack headshot settings


Feb 1, 2022

 Free Fire hacker settings for free: free fire hack headshot settings

Fire hacker settings for free: free fire hack headshot settings

Friends Fire Fire Game is a game that is very played in our Indian country, which has been downloaded the most in 2020 we will give you step by step and complete information that how you can set in free fire games.

Friends, preparing a free fire game is very easy and simple, but renewal continues to come free fire every day, because people who don’t understand are the best settings for free fire games, if you also have this in your mind. If this type of thought appears, then you don’t need to worry at all because today in this post we will tell you the free fire headshot settings?

What is a free fire game?

Friends, before arranging a free fire game, we get a little information about free fire games so we can get a picture of how this game works and how to make the best settings in this game.

The Fire Fire game was launched in 2017, after this game became very popular, not only children played this game but even the biggest people like to play this game. In free fire games you can see many things like clothes, elite passes, weapons, amot, pets etc.

Well this game is absolutely free but you need a diamond to get something in this game and if you don’t have a diamond then you can’t take many things. For information, let us tell you that to get diamonds in free fire games, you need to invest the money deducted from your bank account, friends, now you have to understand what it is free fire, now we will tell you the free fire How do you manage?

Fire hacker settings for free: free fire hack headshot settings

To set up a free fire game, you have to follow all the steps given by us very well, with the help you can make an excellent setting in the free fire game and if you can’t get your game headshots then this setting with this help, headshot will start in your game too.

1. How to make basic fire settings for free?

As long as the free fire base setting means that here you are given some of the options you have to fix if you turn on your option then you might have to face many problems in the game so if all these things haven’t set it right in your game, then you can set everything This is correct by looking at the photo below.

2. How do you set sensitivity in a free fire?

Sensitivity has many roles in free fire games because in this game you need sensitivity settings to achieve headshots, friend sensitivity settings means that when you move your mobile screen from side to side then you play the player and if your player takes too long to turn around, that Can hurt you that other players can easily turn around and hit you and you will not be able to turn on the side.

That’s why you have to set up sensitivity in free fire games, so you can eliminate any player in the game very easily. Here we give pictures below, see where you can fix your sensitivity settings and this setting is a very important setting in free fire games.

3. How do I fix a free fire sound setting?

Friends, when you download a new game, then music keep playing in your game, because you have to face a lot of problems, if you don’t know how to set sound, then there is nothing to worry about, we will give you a guide. under. We tell through the image that you have to do your voice correctly in this way so you can also listen to the sounds of your friends with free fire and talk to them.

4. Free fire automatic pickup settings

In a free fire game, you must have seen that when you land in several places and after landing when you run to get the item, then if you go near the gun, it takes it automatically, friends, you also have to set it. Because if you take unnecessary things, it makes your bag full, and you can’t bring many things. That’s why it’s very important to call automatic pickup settings in free fire games, you can fix the automatic pickup settings in your game with a given here and


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