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Free Fire Character: Use these pets with Alok, will increase the thrill in the game


Feb 12, 2022

 Free Fire Character: Use these pets with Alok, will increase the thrill in the game

Free Fire Character: Use these pets with Alok, will increase the thrill in the game

To keep the players excited in the online battle game Free Fire, a variety of unique characters have been given. At the same time, recently a character named Alok was included in the game, who has great abilities. It is a character that keeps the players hooked to the game. The enemy can be easily killed with this character, which proves to be very beneficial for the players.

Manufacturer of Free Fire Garena covered by Alok, is a male character who was added to the game after the OB26 update. This character has very unique abilities, such as releasing a sonic wave, recovering the player’s Health Point (HP) when the glue wall is exhausted, etc. But the ability of this character increases when a stomach is attached to it. So let’s see which pets it associates with, makes Alok Free Fire more exciting.

Use these 5 pets with Alok in Free Fire

1. Ottero

Whenever a player restores their health with the help of med kits or treatment pistols, that running Pet Ottero enables the player’s Energy Point (EP) recovery. Let us tell you that it is highly beneficial for players to get EP during a game. Actually, EP gives players the ability to get out of harm’s way at a specific time.

2. Beaston

An increase in the throwing range in the field of Free Fire proves beneficial to any player’s strategy. This allows the player to use different grenades, along with more stamina. In the case of Alok, the player can easily penetrate the glue wall positioned at a long distance with its help. At the same time, Beaston’s ability to stomach with Alok in the last phase of the match is very useful.

3. Mr. Waggor

It is worth noting that Alok provides HP to players after damaging the Glue Wall. In this case Mr. The Waggor belly is supposed to be the most special thing for Alok. At the same time, in its unavailability, players can get glue wall grenades.

4. Rockie

Rockie Pete is considered one of Alok’s best companions among the most active characters. Actually, the ability of this stomach is to remain calm. Its Stay Chill Activation capability reduces a player’s cooldown time. Because of this, players can use the “riptide rhythm” more often.

5. Spirit Fox

Like the Ottero Pet, the Spirit Fox Pet also provides additional HP when the med kit is used. During the game, it recovers HP up to 4 points in the first skill level. At the same time, it provides 7 points in the second skill level and up to 10 points in the third skill level.


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