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Flash Top Up Event – Free fire


Feb 15, 2022

Flash Top Up Event – Free fire 

Flash Top Up Event - Free fire

 Friends, a new top app has come in our game Free Fire game, whose name is Flash, so today I am going to talk about how much diamond you can get in it, how much is its ability and what are the features in it.

 So friends, if you want to take this stomach, then definitely do topup and I will tell about it later.

 Event Date:– 15/02/2022-21/02/2022

 Friends, this pet is very real, in this you need many features, it will also get a remote and you will also be given some other things to it.

Flash Top Up Event – Free fire 

 Friends or Pet which is flash, its 2 screen is given

  •  Festive Flash
  •  Cyber ​​Flash

 Friends, only if you want a tree with flash, then you only have to topup 100 diamonds. If you want her skin along with the stomach, then you have to topper 300 diamonds. If you want remote with flashlight with speed then you have to top up 500 diamond.

Flash Top Up Event – Free fire 

  1.  Flash Pet – 💎100 Diamonds
  2.  Flash Pet + Cyber ​​Flash Skin – 💎300 Diamond
  3.  Flash Pet + Cyber ​​Flash Skin + Emot – 💎500 Diamond
Flash Top Up Event - Free fire

 What is Flash Pet Ability?

 Friends or the ability of the stomach or that if you have someone or a knife or any small gun that you can kill by going in front, then decrease the damage given to you by the army by 10%.

 Meaning if someone who gives you 150 damages from AWM, then 10% of his damage will be decreed to you. This happens at a level that if you max it out or you can reduce the damage by 25%. His godown time is 150 seconds.

Flash Top Up Event - Free fire


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