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Fire Advance server for OB35 free Fire Advance server for OB35 update: expected release date How to sign up and activate the code


Jun 23, 2022

 Fire Advance server for OB35 free Fire Advance server for OB35 update: expected release date How to sign up and activate the code

Fans are waiting eagerly for Garena to announce the brand new OB35 version of the Free Fire title. The game is built around the concept of battle royale where players must fight to the end to emerge the greatest winner of the game. The developers are constantly making new additions and improvements to keep players’ enthusiasm within this game.The updated OB35 update is close to being released and is scheduled to launch in the next few weeks.

The fans was awed by the OB34 update because it included several new modes, as well as additional features in the game’s title. The players are now anticipating an Advance Server to test out the new features that will be included in the latest OB35 update. This Advance Server is an experiment server that Garena makes available prior to the release of any update.

Important: Free Fire is banned in India. Because of restrictions imposed by the government gamers in the country are advised to not play the game. You can try the MAX version, but it isn’t included in the banned apps.

Everything you need to be aware of about this update to the Free Fire Advance Server for the OB35 update:

Players can use players can use the Advance Server to test new features that will be added to the next update and provide feedback to the developers. This Advance Server is released by the developers to provide the best gaming experience for Free Fire players and eliminate any bugs that may exist in the game.

The date of release to release this OB35 update is believed to be between the 20th and 23rd of July in 2022. It is believed that the Advance Server is released two weeks prior to the date of release for any update. This implies that Advance Server will be made available between July 7 and 2022.

How do I sign up in this feature? OB35 Advanced ServerGarena provides free Fire users the possibility to sign up to this Advance Server. This helps them understand what features are most suitable to be included in the forthcoming update. Once the installation is successful the user will be provided with an activation code to start an Advance Server on the device.Here is a short guide to registration for the OB35 update:

Step 1: Users are advised to go to the Free Fire Advance Server website at the time the announcement of the update coming soon is announced by Garena.

Step 2: Following this, users must register with the correct credentials on the site using or Google or Facebook and then click the “Join Now’ button.

Step 3: After successful registration, users will be provided with an activation number for Advance Server in their accounts.

Users can utilize their Activation Code to connect to this Advance Server and experience the new features prior to the launch for the updated. Another unique aspect in the Advance Server is that players get free diamonds on their primary accounts if they report any bugs or other issues in the game for the developer. After a successful report the developer will reward the player with diamonds , or other rewards to their primary FF account.


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