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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 movie download in hindi pagalworld | Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 review full movie


Apr 27, 2022


Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

So the trailer of Kartik Aaryan’s film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 has been released and in this video, I am going to review this thriller, what kind of trailer is finally, and what kind of reactions are being seen from people’s side. To know in detail in this video, then watch this video from beginning to end.

 Hello friends, show you my name Rajiv on Dostana First let us tell you that the story of the film is a horror comedy-drama film. And now if seen, you will also get to see a lot of back to back comedy in this, but also comedy scenes are also First, let

in this, Karthik Aryan is such a man of a modern team who fools people and says that he has to be seen since childhood. Only ghosts talk to ghosts.

 Overall, a lot of great characters have been seen in it. Let me tell you that in this, the character of Kaira Advani where you will be seen as her girlfriend. At the same time, you will be seen in the next scene. Yes, Tabu’s character plays a queen who knows Aman Julka who is a witch named Manjulika who was a witch and she is dead and kept imprisoned. Has gone. Within this closed door.

 And let us tell you that both Karthik, Aryan, and Kiara Advani together open the door. Some, such scenes, then start being created and after that, yes, the soul that is free becomes free or when that soul becomes free, then it is talked about here, then he also meets Karthik Aryan and Karthik Aryan is seen making funny comments with her and let me tell you that Karthik also scares Aryan a lot.

 Some such scenes have been seen with their inverted legs and let us tell you that the story of this level has been made, which can be said that the sequel of Bhool Bhulaiyaa is quite different from that which came. John is very different from her. Its Story Concept Yes, the concept is the same. is intimidating. Mail, but the concept of the story is different. Here again the story moves forward and let us tell you that the spirit has entered inside the Kiara Advani, who is here and she is seen reacting like a spirit.

 His legs look thick. Some such scenes are filmed. If seen overall during this scene, then Karthik Aryan of that time would also have been together. Kiera reacts to Advani in such a way that after all, Advani, which is quite a scary situation, is followed by the entry of a devil who can see on his second that the ghost is lying behind the ghosts. . Overall, it wants to control that spirit.

 There are some reasons that can’t be how the Devil is he is a very dangerous devil. Let the same tell you that even if that spirit bothers Tabu a lot, then while she is pulling her legs, she disturbs a lot while sleeping. Some such scenes are seen. If we talk there, then you will get to see a very tremendous concept in its story that the spirit comes in front of the people and all the things keep flying in the air in the air. Some such scenes are also seen and let us tell you that about some scenes, you will feel that the level of horror story has been made.

  At present, if you have not seen the trailer of this film, then if you watch this trailer, then you will enjoy it because you can see it. So many things are seen flying in the air, the people who are attending the event become very soft. At the same time, let us tell you that Rajpal Yadav also has a very funny steel character in this. At the same time, let us tell you that Kiara Advani comes at a time where this Kartik Aryan pushes her off the roof.

 There are some scenes like this too. You will get to see many such scenes in films, which is going to create a very good suspense for you, so the story of this film is going to be full of suspense and such a guy comes like Karthik Aryan. In front which quite a lot blocks Karthik Aryan. Such a story of Bhoot Pret which is creating so much suspense that you will not be able to understand completely even after watching its trailer.

  By the way, the suspense in this is so full of code in the story of the film that you cannot guess anything. By the way, the entire film will be released on May 20, 2,22, then only you will know that finally what is the whole story in this film. By the way, someone is going to release on May 20, 2 thousand 22. The trailer of this film is being appreciated a lot by the people and people have also liked the trailer of this film a lot. Overall, if you have not seen the trailer of this film, then soon you can see the trailer of the film by visiting this series officially.

 By the way, if you have seen the trailer of this film, then how did you like the trailer of this film, then definitely tell your personal comments and what is your opinion about this film. The mismatch in the report is very special for you.


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