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Best Characters In Free Fire 2021 | Top 10 Best Characters After OB31 Update In Free Fire


Jan 15, 2022


Best Characters In Free Fire 2021 | Top 10 Best Characters After OB31 Update In Free Fire

Do you know that we have 10 magical characters in our Free Fire, which means that their ability is like magic? Yes brother, after this magic and updates, their ability has been made even more dangerous, about which 89 percent of the people would not know, which 10 magical characters are those who are going to tell in this article, then see the issues till the end and see the article. Give a like So let’s start the article without any delay.

 10. Jota

 Number ten 10 which comes to our number ten character, its name is Jota. As its name means its work means man is an absolutely overpowered character, earlier this capacity was something else. Later the cabinet was changed. Earlier it used to work only in SMG and Short gun. But now it works in every house means if you down the enemy with any gun right now you will get 20% down it is ok and if you damage it with a shotgun then you will continue to get a little bit even today and the example you are here can see on when I damaged this anime I got a little HO This character is going to be very good for him

 9. Misha

 Number 9, which comes to our number 9 character, its name is like that. It is a very good character, earlier it was such a good character, later its ability was changed and now it has become a very big character, many people use it in the outside server and also use it in the tournament. It is because its ability is such that if you drive from anywhere, it increases the driving speed by 20% and if any anime damages you while driving, then it will be 30 percent hard for the anime to damage you. For example, you can see here when I kill Shami why he died easily. Doesn’t have a Nissan. Now I kill this anime. It is near. Nissan that too is of two levels, so you can see here. I am not even able to kill him, which is my default, I go to this Neera, it is becoming very difficult to kill him, so this is amazing of Misa, you must also try this character once

 8. Luquta

 Number 8 which comes to our number 8 character, its name is Hello. Quetta is a very good character, this character can be very good for players who need more HP, its ability to increase every kill increases the max HP by twenty parts to fifty. Meaning whenever you do a feel, you will get Twenty 25 HP which is fine if you give your normal age appointments. When you make a call, you will get 225 HP and when you make a second kill, you will get 25 HP and it will go up to two and a half-hundred. was given

 7. D-BEE

 Number 7 which comes to our number 7 character, its name is Bibi, it is a very good character and now if you are getting one in gold, then take it out soon. Do you know when the diamond will come? Its ability that when you fire while moving, it will increase your movement speed by 15%, and fortified percentage will increase your accuracy. If you think that your accuracy is the same then you must play with D-BEE as you can see here. How good accuracy am I getting from this


 Our character who appears on Number Six is ​​Olivia. This character is very good and is also used a lot in tournaments, its ability is that whenever you revive your friend, your friend also gets 70% HP as soon as he revives like you can see here Ho. When I revive my friend, how much HP will my friend get but I also got a sad match and when my friend revives me, I also got 70% here today.

 5. A124

 Number five, so whatever the character comes on the number, its name is a one to four and if this character was received free of cost by everyone at one time, then all of you will have this character. It has the ability to convert Sixteen EP to HP within four seconds. Like the character of the character, this character does it slowly, it does it faster than the rest, but within four seconds, the learner will convert the EP to HP, so if you do not have the character then you will be more You can play with Super.

 4. CLU

 Number Four Sky, which is our number four pay character, its name is CLU that people can only call it a sorceress because it tells the location of the anime. The ability that he has, if an enemy is in an area of ​​70 meters and he is not sitting or lying down, then it will tell his location. Last up to seven and a half seconds and its cool downtime is also one minute, which means after one minute get charged again and you will be able to see their location again. Why closed magicians play the Sia scale or do something for them, this character can be very good for them and if you play in the score then this character can be very good for you if it is an active skill character then you Alok will not be able to use CRONO or a character like him.


 The number three sky which always comes with the number three pay character is WOLFRAHH. It’s a great character and it was being used a lot in the tournament. Its ability is whenever you kill any anime, then maybe he sees you, we have you’re over Buds Daddy, the more you kill, the more people you will observe, it is fine and those who are over you will not go away. If you have made a deal, you will have an over. Similarly, if you do 10 kills, you will have 10 overs. Last for the whole match and make you profit as much as some anime hit you with a hand shot and you broke your hand, friends, if you have WOLFRAHH and give you more packets, then this 30 percent who impress others in the haircut, that 30 percent Less will be fine. Think 200, reduce it by 30 percent, you will get more damage. If you have a bonus. If you do then it will be 5 percent less. Similarly, the amount of space you will pack by packing it will keep on increasing and will go up to 30%. ok after that it has another advantage while this you will shoot the anime over the limits while lim sleeps. If you shoot his arms over the legs and limbs, which sticks to the feet many times, then you will have 20% more damage on him and they are also in the same way as the fellows will patent you. If you have patented more business then the last 20% more damage will be done, then it means that the body of Malpura is a good use, then you must try it once and see a very good character.


 Number to 2 which always appears as a number to pay character, its name is ALVARO. Is a very good character and it is used a lot in tournaments, this character is very good for those who use weapons. He must use this character. These shows also weapons like grenades, launchers, landmines to increase their damage and range of damage. Even if there is a range of damage and damage, it is a very good character, those who use grenades more, then they should definitely use this character.

 1. K

 I have become number one, which is the number one character, its name is K, I know, do you know about it. But after the update, many more have been done for it, so look now what the excitement of its EP gives three EPs in a second. Earlier he used to give very little. But now it gives 3 EP in a second and it gives unlimited means it will make two hundred and fifty MB and will continue to increase when it ends TK and which is the time of converting HP to HP, it is the same as before, that means one second 5 hp converts hp to hp ok so gas is a very good character. If you want an acting skill character, then it can be a very good character, if you do something in color, you survive in the zone, then you can have very big characters.


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