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Allu Arjun on Bachchan Pandey said such a big thing about Akshay, Bachchan Pandey Reaction | Akshay


Mar 22, 2022


Allu Arjun on Bachchan Pandey

Friends, after the release of the Bachchan Pandey Movie, now the reaction of Allu Arjun sir is also coming out.  After all, what has Bachan Pandey said?  Know Allu Arjun sahib on Mumbai in detail in this article.  Friends, watch this article from beginning to end.  Hello friends, my name is Raja Babu, tell the people of Hindustan that people have supported Bachchan Pandey’s movie in many places and if seen, the film has also got a lot of positive reviews and if it is seen, then it is nowhere to be seen.

 The film is also doing very well.

  The way it was given a limited discount at the box office, the kind of screen we expected from it.  This is exactly the same kind of film and on the occasion of Holi, we have got a big gift from Akshay sir in which action-comedy, romance, drama, everything has been seen and if seen then this film is a full spicy film and should be talked about there.  So celebrities have also reacted to this.

  In the same, now Allu Arjun Sahib has also got action on film or Allu Arjun sahib is a big fan of Akshay Kumar sahib of any song.  Let me tell you that recently when he promoted his movie Pushpa, at that time he had said that Akshay sir has revived the Bollywood industry.  Yes, you can tell that Panda did not release any of his big films in the middle and tell you that Akshay sir released his film Suryavanshi first in Panda and revived the box office and Arjun Saheb about it.  Appreciated Akshay Kumar sahib very soon.

 Let me tell you that recently, where Allu Arjun sahib is very busy days on many of his upcoming projects.  During this busy schedule, where a media person interacted with Allu Arjun sir and asked many questions during the interaction, which he also asked some questions related to Akshay Kumar.  Let us tell you that recently Akshay Kumar’s film Bachan Pandey has been released.  On this, the media person said that recently Bachan Pandey’s movie has been released.

 People have given very positive reviews about it and despite having a limited screen at the box office, it is doing very well.  To which Allu Arjun’s reaction was that look, I do not know how much the film collects.  But it is known that as many films will be released and as many good films will be released.  This will give very good support to the box office.  people come back to the cinema hall And this is what I always say release as many good films as possible, run the box office, as much as the box office will do.

Allu Arjun on Bachchan Pandey Reviews

 Indian cinema will grow and I have always been supporting for this let us tell you that Allu Arjun sir also said that Akshay sir is doing a lot for the Indian film industry and we also contribute to this.  We should give and we should also support his film.  By the way, he said this thing in that way.

 On the same the media person asked if you have seen the film, then he said that look, I cannot speak the language.  I do not know how to speak Hindi that much but it is that I understand it.  In such a situation, I will also watch his film and tell you how there was action on Sahab and let us tell you that Allu Arjun sir has given level wishes of Akshay Kumar’s Dabangg to people by performing very well at the box office.  Got a lot of love.

 By the way, if you have seen the movie Bachchan Pandey, then what do you think about your opinion on this, how did you like this movie, who do you get from your job in privatization?  The yoga in Lee port is very special for you.


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