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5 Tips And Tricks For Positioning In Free Fire End Zones


Jan 31, 2022

 Important positions in most shooters, and free APIs are not exceptions. It becomes more important in the final zone when the play area shrinks only with a small circle. In this situation, choosing the right zone to the camp and survives is the key to getting a booyah.

In this article, Gurugamer will show off the top 5 tips and tricks to position in the free fire end zone.

1. Secure high land

The most profitable position, a player can hold the Fire Fire’s last circle is high ground. By securing it, players will be able to get a clear view of the environment and detect the location of the enemy.

Staying in high places also makes them a smaller target. It is very difficult for enemies on the ground below to target land players squatting or lying vulnerable. If you managed to claim this profit, try to defend it in any way.

2. Campsite in the building

If the final zone includes a structure such as buildings, living in it is also a good idea. They provide a dense cover that allows players to fight more than one rushed enemy. Furthermore, the defense of the building can also be upgraded with the gloo blocks. Players can close access to locations with grenades to force the enemy to retreat or risk killed.

3. Use a natural cover

If there is no high soil or a nearby defensive structure, your best bet is a natural structure such as stone, trees, and anything that can be used as a cover. In sticky situations, players can even cut themselves with a gloo wall next to the barrier.

However, natural cover is very susceptible to grenades, not like high reasons or buildings. By throwing grenades, players can get the enemy out of the barrier, which can cause fast elimination.

4. Use the corner of the building

In the final zone, when there are only a few players left on the battlefield, the corner of the building can be a good hiding place. Players can peak and target spots – they are proficient with sniper rifles can print a quick hit against the enemy.

When using this strategy, players must be continually alert about the position of the enemy. If they flank or spin around it, it will be very difficult to maintain.

5. Use the GLOO wall

If the player gets to the late zone and all the places above have been taken, the only way to survive is to exert the wall of the gloo and put a storm. Because Walls Gloo has a cellphone and can be destroyed, it is not safe with any method above. Furthermore, it also ends after a period of time, which is clearly not ideal for the situation of a heated battle. The enemy may have skyller’s abilities too.


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