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5 Best Free Fire Pets for Aggressive Gameplay (February 2022)


Feb 2, 2022

 5 Best Free Fire Pets for Aggressive Gameplay (February 2022)

Pets are friends in the game for characters at Garena Free Fire, which can be obtained from the store. Most pets have adorable appearances and have several skills that help characters on the battlefield. Therefore, if the user looks for additional tactical support, they must go for pets.

Some pets support defensive playstyle, while some help with aggressive gameplay. The key to choosing pets is to understand the abilities and requirements. For example, pets such as Detective Panda and Spirit Fox offer HP recovery, while Falco allows users to land a few seconds before in the match.

Free fire pets that match the aggressive playstyle (February 2022)

1. Beaston

Skills: Helping Hands – Increases the throw range to cover such as grenades, smoke, flashbang, and a wall of a GLOO by 10%.

Players can encounter a substantial increase in the ability to throw them using Beaston. One can use an enhanced throw ranges when rushing, especially during the endzone fight. The increase in trajectory ranges allows users to adjust their throws to further distances.

2) Ottero.

Skills: Double Blubber – Recovery of 35% (from HP) Parallel EP with each HP gain because of the treatment of pistols or med kits.

Maintaining HP is very important in free fires because the fate of the match depends on the same thing. Losing an HP equivalent to giving a game. Therefore, EP boost is quite important before rushing to the opponent.

Ottero offers the advantages of EP every time the player recovers their cellphones using the Med Kit or Pistol Care. Points obtained in the EP bar will be converted to HP after procuring damage.

3) HOP agent

Skills: Bounce Hops – Add 30 points to Ever every time a safe zone shrink.

Players usually rush on their opponents after collecting goods and weapons needed. Usually, the attack occurs after shrinking the first zone, which is why hop agents are very important for many users with aggressive gameplay.

Players can benefit from additional EP 30 while rushing to their enemies. In addition, they can take advantage of each shrink zone in free fire matches, which will help them in endzone fight if they survive.

4) Falco.

Skills: Skyline Spree – Increase the speed of sliding and diving when plunging umbrella of 15% and 25% respectively.

The increase in sliding speed and diving is very important, considering it will allow players to land a few seconds earlier than the opponent. Someone can easily find and loot the weapons they want in a safer place or land with a heat drop to benefit from the initial landing.

5) Rockie.

Skills: Stay cold – Snips Coooldown time for capabilities equipped of 6%.

There are many active abilities in free APIs that are in accordance with aggressive gameplay, and DJ Alok, K, and Skyler are some of the leading examples. Most of the character of active ability shows the cooldown time that denies players to use skills for a period.

Rockie helps reduce CD time, proves vital for aggressive gameplay strategies.


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