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1-2-3, Weight Loss & Maintenance Has Become So Easy


Nov 20, 2022

Millions of people invest millions of dollars in hopes to attain the same goal and achieve weight loss. Over the years, many have been struggling to maintain the body and weight they desire. With the majority of Americans being overweight , or obese, the issue has become a problem. Around 300,000 Americans die every year due to weight-related illnesses.

Every week, it seems like we are bringing out the latest diet plan that promises to aid you in “shed the weight.” However, the problem is that many of these plans aren’t efficient. Certain programs work for a short time, however, the weight will return. Some are simply unhealthy. From exercise equipment to fitness products People are searching for the solution to their weight-management issue.

We believe the primary ingredient to a successful weight-management program is to live a healthy lifestyle. Our pH Factor Weight Management System is a combination of the right eating habits along with exercise, water intake and a high-quality diet to help you establish an environment of health.

The key missing to solving this problem to many of us is the pH level. Because the pH of blood is vital to our lives and health, our bodies protect it at all times. The typical diet is comprised of food items that, when digested, produce acid, which is then absorbed in the blood. The body must neutralize the acid, or else risk serious problems. Fat is among the main buffers utilized by the body to fight acid. If the body is unable to neutralize acid the body store it as fat cells.

In the effort to shed fat, we generally reduce calories. But, if our body is acidic, instead of burning the fat that would produce more acids in our system, the body is burning muscles instead. This pH Factor weight-management Program helps you find the food items that create an excess of acid in your body and also offers items that have alkalinity. This can assist you to increase your body’s pH and create the right environment for your well-being.

Are you tired of trying to shed pounds only for it to be regained repeatedly. This is a terrible cycle. It’s not just depressing, but it’s also unhealthy. ForMor has identified what we believe is the key missing for long-term weight loss. It’s known as the pH factor.

Welcoming you to pH Factor Rapid Weight Loss System. The success of this system is contingent upon an absolute commitment to the system. Failure to adhere to the program decreases its effectiveness method and decreases your chances of getting the desired results.

A healthy lifestyle is crucial to weight-management and overall health. This includesa healthy diet as well as moderate and consistent exercise, adequate drinking of water as well as a nutritious program. It is the pH Factor Rapid Weight-Loss System integrates these into a easy plan. In in the coming 14 days we’re changing your body into an efficient, fat-burning machine. Make your purchase and get started TODAY.you’ll be happy you did! !

The pH Factor

“pH” (also known as “potential of hydrogen” is the term used to determine if something is acid or an alkaline. It’s measured using a scale of zero to 14, with 6.8 to 7.0 being neutral. Anything less than 6.8 is considered to be acid, and anything over 7.4 is considered to be alkaline. The pH of blood is just above 7.3. If the blood pH changes significant problems, such as death, are likely. So, the body has a variety of buffers to ensure the blood pH is maintained.

The main buffers that your body relies on are calcium, sodium, and the body fat. When acid is present your bloodstream, the body tries to neutralize it using the alkaline substances. The principal neutralizer is sodium, and then calcium. The body takes calcium from bones for it to neutralize acid in blood. If it is not easily neutralized, it stores acid in fat cells. This causes a serious issue with weight management.

Let’s take a look at how it will work. As with all machines our body requires fuel to function. The food or fuel that the majority of people consume isn’t what our body requires or needs. To function at its peak performance the body requires right food. Diets are typically rich in fats and calories with little or any nutritional worth.

The issue is much more than just a lower efficiency. Like all machines the fuel burns produces the exhaust, also known as by-products. These are often known as Ash. In our body, food is burnt to fuel at the cellular level. The blood vessels are for transporting the food into the cell as well as to transport effluent or waste out of the cell, to be removed.

When raw vegetables and fruits consume the body breaks them down before sending the food to cells to use as fuel. The cells burn the fuel and the resulting exhaust is an alkaline Ash. If food items from the normal diet is burned for fuel, the exhaust produced is acid and ash. The acid then gets transported into the bloodstream.

Because the pH of blood is important to living The body guards its blood supply at all cost. The body must neutralize this acid , or face serious health risks.

The goal is to cut down on what food items that cause an acidic ash. We also need to increase the amount of food that produces an alkaline Ash.

Impacts of Acid

The body’s acid acts exactly like acid in the outside of the body. It causes waste. It age the skin it degrades tissues and can cause major issues. Furthermore, the majority of health issues result from an over amount of acid in the body. The reduction of acid levels in the body is crucial for long-term health.

A lot of people enjoy drinking soda from a can. If you examine the label, you’ll find that a bottle of soda is mostly acid. The pH of soda is about 2.3. This is extremely toxic. The body is forced to fight to neutralize the acid in the system. It utilizes calcium, sodium from teeth or bones or whatever else be able to neutralize the acid.

The system also includes minor changes to certain food items that you normally eat. We realize that most people are not able to completely eliminate all harmful food items from their diets and, instead of removing it completely, we’re going to propose a method for reducing it.


Most people are dehydrated. Consuming enough water is essential in your overall success. To figure out your water requirements take your weight into ounces, then split it in two (2) which is the amount of ounces of water you need to drink each daily. Water that is pure and clean is all you count towards your daily intake. Even drinking water mixed with Pro-Factor Shakes will not count towards your daily requirements. To get the best results, use only distilled water infused by the crystal Catalyst Concentrate. Blend one-half ( 1/2 ) 1 ounce of Concentrate Crystal Catalyst to 1 (1) gallon distillate water.


Lean muscle building, burning calories and improving general health are just some of the advantages of regular exercising. In the coming 14 days, make a commitment to engage in some type of exercise for at least 20 minutes per every day for the duration of ten (10) over the course of 14 consecutive days on the program. This could include running, walking or riding a bicycle or playing with your children or grandkids, as well as other things like running around with your spouse in the house. This increases your blood pressure. Find something that you like. Simply make a commitment to it over in the coming two weeks.


Balance in life is a must. When we do anything in excessive levels, we’re at risk of being out of the balance. Most of the time, it’s not just one cake, or a soda that causes us to fall. It’s when sodas, cakes as well as other acid-producing foods are consumed excessively that we can cause issues. There is a chance of getting out of balance on other hand. The lifespan of the majority of vegetarians and athletes is less than that of couch potatoes. However, we should be aware of the things we’re doing too much in our diet and make some drastic decisions about how we can get them in check.

One customer consumed between 6 and 8 diet sodas a day. It was for him an extreme decision to cut out diet sodas out of his daily life, but it was one of the more extreme choices he’s made. Other people might choose to drink six to eight cups of coffee or two desserts a day or mid-afternoon snack bars. We don’t suggest that you quit these things immediately. Instead, you should begin to develop some control and discipline when it comes to these matters. Instead of drinking eight drinks a day, you should drink just two. Instead of drinking four cups of coffee, you should drink two or one. Instead of four packets of sugar you drink in tea, perhaps just two or three. Instead of having a late night snack, have two glass of water infused by crystal Catalyst Concentrate. Instead of constantly taking the elevator, you should take the stairs at least once per day. Try to reduce the amount you eat at meals. If you are at an event, you might want to do it one time. Get rid of the notion that, when you visit the buffet, “you have to get your money’s worth” through eating as many food as you can. The reason you eat is to provide you with enough energy to make it to your next meal, and not much more. For the best outcomes, we highly suggest you make some difficult decisions.


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